Devastator Tank Mobile Robot Platform (Metal DC Gear Motor)

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The Devastator tank mobile robot platform is constructed from high-strength aluminum alloy and is extremely solid and durable. Meanwhile, it features exceptional shock absorption, easy programming, compatibility with multiple main control boards, high expandability, and a powerful motor for increased load capacity.

Suspension Dampening

Devastator tank mobile robot platform incorporates a unique design and is equipped with a suspension system, enabling it to travel more smoothly on complex terrain. This suspension system serves to balance the weight of the robot and reduce vibrations, decreasing the instability experienced during robot movement.

Devastator tank mobile robot platform is equipped with a suspension system

Easy to Program

Devastator tank robot platform use dual DC brushed geared motors, which offer a convenient wiring layout, simple control logic, and full compatibility with popular controllers available in the market. It can be compatible with widely used mainboards such as the UNIHIKER, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, LattePanda, ESP32, and similar platforms.

Highly Expandable

This tracked robot platform offers many mounting holes, enabling users to install various sensors, actuators, controllers, multi-degree-of-freedom gimbals, video transmission systems, and other devices both inside and outside the robot from different angles. This feature makes this tank robot platform capable of completing many complex tasks, including long-distance control, grasping and transportation, harsh environment detection, and real-time monitoring in outdoor settings.

Devastator tank mobile robot platform Highly Expandable

Higher Payload with Powerful Motors

Compared to its predecessor, this tracked robot platform has improved its power configuration, now featuring upgraded metal DC brushed reduction motors. This update enhances the robot platform payload capacity, enabling it to handle up to 3kg. Consequently, the tank robot platform becomes capable of accommodating a six-degree-of-freedom robotic arm and a larger capacity battery, expanding its capabilities for executing gripping tasks. Furthermore, this robot can be equipped with various devices, such as laser radar, depth cameras, and high-definition cameras, allowing indoor mapping operations to be conducted.

Please Note:

1. This product is sold as a kit and will require tools for assembly. Get a Straight/Cross Screwdriver.

2. This product does not include a microcontroller. Suitable microcontrollers can be found on the product wiki page

3. Please be careful when connecting wires to avoid damage to connectors



  • Rated Voltage: 6 V
  • Operating Voltage Range 2~7.5V
  • Gear reduction ratio: 45:1
  • D output shaft diameter: 4 mm
  • No-load speed: 133 RPM @ 6 v
  • No-load current: 0.13 A
  • Locked-rotor torque: 4.5
  • Locked-rotor current: 2.3 A
  • Load Capacity:3kg
  • Assembled Dimensions (L x W x H): 225 x 220 x 108 mm/ 8.86 x 8.66 x 4.25 inches
  • Net Weight: 1.3kg


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Devastator Tank Mobile Robot Platform (Metal DC Gear Motor)

In Stock
  • 3-4$82.90
  • 5-9$79.90
  • 10+$72.90