Bare Conductive Touch Board Starter Kit

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If you've ever thought about making a poster play your favorite song, giving objects the ability to speak, or creating hidden sensors in your house, then the Bare Conductive Touch Board Starter Kit is for you.

Each kit contains a Touch Board, Electric Paint, and everything you need to start transforming the world around you. There is no need for programming expertise! The Touch Board Starter Kit comes ready to plug and play, so you can create any of its three featured projects right out of the box. The Guidebook will take you through step-by-step instructions, and is packed with ideas, resources, and inspiration for you to build on.

Give life to your imagination! Check out the featured projects below, and start making your world interactive.

Bare Conductive’s Electric Paint is just like any other water-based paint, except that it’s electrically conductive! This means that you can paint sensors directly onto most materials. When used alongside the Touch Board, it gives you the ability to turn almost any material or surface into a sensor.
  • Project 1 Graphic Sensors
  • Project 2 Objects As Sensors
  • Project 3 Sensing Spaces ...
  • Extensive project examples and resources at


Electric Paint:
  • Paint, screenprint, stencil, spray on or apply like any other water-based paint
  • Dries at room temperature in 10-15 minutes
  • Must be fully dry to work
  • Easily removable with soap and water
  • Seal with acrylic paint or spray varnish
  • Can last years if treated properly and kept dry
  • Works on: paper, cardboard, wood, plastic, glass, plaster, some rubbers, textiles, etc…
  • Can be painted or sprayed over for protection or multi-layered circuitry
  • Can be used with conductive thread and e-textiles
  • Surface resistivity approx 55 ohms/square at 50 microns layer thickness
Touch Board
  • Touch and Distance Sensing
  • Works great with Electric Paint
  • Preprogrammed as an MP3 Player
  • Easy to program as a MIDI instrument or MIDI interface
  • HID capable – turn the Touch Board into a keyboard or mouse
  • Arduino-compatible and programmable through the Arduino IDE
  • Arduino Leonardo pin layout supporting Arduino compatible shields
  • Built-in LiPo battery charger
  • 3.5mm(0.14") audio jack
  • 20 Digital I/O pins
  • 12 Analogue pins
  • Atmel ATMega32U4 Microprocessor
  • Freescale MPR121 dedicated touch interface
  • VLSI VS1053B audio processor
  • 32 kB of Flash Memory of which 4 KB is used for the bootloader
  • 2.5 kB of SRAM
  • 5V operating voltage


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Bare Conductive Touch Board Starter Kit

Only 9 Left