Double Sided Micro USB Cable for LattePanda V1

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This USB 2.0 cable has a USB to microUSB connection. The USB connector is double sided so it can be connected in either orientation and includes an etched LattePanda logo. Each connector has super antioxidant properties for stable performance and durability. The cable can handle current up to 2.1A for fast charging and data transmission. The cable's insulation uses a flat noodle cable design which eliminates any chance of tangling.

This is the perfect choice for your LattePanda, smartphone, tablet or any other device that requires fast charging.

What is a LattePanda?

A LattePanda is a complete Windows 10 single board computer! It includes everything a regular PC has and can do anything that a regular PC does. It is compatible with almost every gadget you know: printers, joysticks, cameras and more. Any peripherals that work on your PC will work on a LattePanda. A LattePanda comes pre-installed with a full, pre-activated version of Windows 10, where you can install powerful tools such as Visual Studio, NodeJS, Java, Processing, and more. Using existing APIs, you can develop your own software and hardware projects on a LattePanda as you would on a normal PC - C#, Javascript, Ruby and so on. Say goodbye to your bulky laptop!


  • Double-sided USB 2.0
  • USB to microUSB interface
  • Up to 2.1A output, supports high speed data transmission and can charge your mobile phone at the same time
  • Flat noodle cable design - no tangling!
  • High stability, multi-stage voltage protection, superior safety performance
  • Cable Length: 1m/3.28'
  • Material: Aluminum shell, TPE
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    Double Sided Micro USB Cable for LattePanda V1

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    • 3-4$3.00
    • 5-9$2.90
    • 10+$2.80