Camera&Audio Media Board - FireBeetle Covers

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DFRobot FireBeetle series are low power consumption development modules designed for Internet of Things (IoT). The FireBeetle Covers-Camera & Audio Media Board is a multimedia device for IoT that provides interfaces to connect NAU8822 CODEC IIS, OV7725 camera, SD card (SDIO), earphone and microphone.

Moreover, it equips with a mini MIC input interface. The NAU8822 CODEC IIS can drive both 12@8Ω BTL loudspeaker and 40mW@16Ω earphone. The direct connection is supported. Meanwhile, NAU8822 supports DAC sound signal acquisition and programmable microphone amplifier. The recording is available when input voices with onboard MIC interface or microphone then save it to SD card. What's more, the function to take photos is available when connected to an OV7725 CAMERA.

With any FireBeetle main boards (e.g. ESP32 main board), the FireBeetle Covers-Camera & Audio Media Board could be a MP3, a recorder, a camera. Once connected to the Internet, it could be an Internet radio, a cloud image recognition.

  • This media board only supports FireBeetle ESP32 main board at present, for other main boards do not equipped with IIS interface.
  • The flat ribbon cable of camera is relatively easy-to-break, please be careful and light in connection. The camera shot must be opposite to the SD card slot.
  • It does not support video shooting and transmission.
  • Specification

  • Operating Voltage: 3.7V~5.5V (VCC)
  • Output Voltage: 3.3V
  • User-defined Button: tested by IO16(DI)
  • RESET x1
  • SD Card:
                Bus Interface: SDIO Protocol
                Default Transmission Rate: 10MHz
                Max. Transmission Rate: 20MHz
  • Camera OV7725: (data as below is just for reference; some functions could not be realized by ESP32 now).
                Photosensitive/Light-sensitive Array: 640*480
                Optical Size: 1/6"
                Angle of View: 25°
                SCCB Standard Interface
                Output Pixel Format: Raw RGB,RGB(RGB4:2:2 ,RGB565/555/444),YCbCr (4:2:2)
                Image Size: VGA,QVGA and CIF to 40x30
                VarioPixel Subsampling
                Auto Image Control: auto exposure control (AEC), auto gain control (AGC), auto white balance (AWB), auto band filter and auto black level (ABL) calibration.
                Image Quality Control: saturation, tone, gamma, clarity and anti-interference
                ISP: noise reduction and defect calibration
                Lens Shading Correction
                Auto Saturation Adjustment
                Frame Synchronization
  • NAU8822:
                DAC:94dB SNR , -84db THD
                ADC:90dB SNR , -80dB THD
                Integrated BTL loudspeaker drive: 1W @ 8Ω
                Integrated earphone drive: 40mW @ 16Ω
                Integrated programmable microphone amplifier
                Typical Sampling Rate: 8KHz, 48KHz, 96KHz, 192KHz
                Standard Video Interface: PCM and I2S
  • MIC:
                Type: Electret Capacitor
                Output: analog
                Direction: omnidirectional
                Frequency Range: 100Hz~15KHz
                Sensitivity: -43dB ±5dB @ 94dB SPL
                Signal-to-noise Ratio: 58Db
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    Shipping List

  • FireBeetle Covers-Camera&Audio Media Board(V1.0) x1
  • OV7725 Camera x1
  • 18pin-2.54mm Male Pin Header ×2
  • 18pin-2.54mm Female Pin Header ×2



    Camera&Audio Media Board - FireBeetle Covers

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