Mini Metal DC Geared Motor (6V 570RPM 1.5Kg*cm)

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This is a mini DC motor with a 1:35 reduction box. It has small size and takes up very little space. It uses metal gears which is durable. The D-shape shaft facilitates the installation of motor. The no-load speed is 570rpm and the noise is low.

  • In order to protect the service life of the motor, do not overload it;
  • Do not store and use it in high temperature or extreme humidity, which may affect the service life and effect of the motor;
  • When soldering is required on the motor terminals of the positive and negative poles of the power supply, if the soldering iron temperature is between 340 °C ± 40 °C, the heating time should be within 3 seconds to prevent overheating deformation of the plastic parts in the motor;
  • Do not let the motor shaft get stuck. If it is stuck, the motor will burn out;
  • The motor should be used within the voltage specifications.
  • Specification

  • Voltage: 6V
  • Direction of rotation: two-way
  • Reduction ratio: 1:35
  • No-load current: less than or equal to 170mA
  • No-load speed: 570rpm
  • Load torque:
  • Load speed: 400rpm
  • Load current: less than or equal to 900
  • Stall torque:
  • Stall current: 3.4A
  • Shaft length: 10mm
  • Shaft diameter: 3mm D-shaped shaft
  • Weight: 25g
  • Size: 12*13-R15.5*38mm (without motor output shaft)
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  • Mini Metal DC Geared Motor (6V 570RPM 1.5Kg*cm) x1



    Mini Metal DC Geared Motor (6V 570RPM 1.5Kg*cm)

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