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Flexible RGB LED Matrix 7x71

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This flexible RGB LED matrix display has 7x71 RGB LEDs. Designed with flexible PCB board, it is light and bendable. The onboard MCU simplifies the way to display numbers and alphabets. It can keep display status even separated from the main control. So that it can be conveniently integrated into projects, especially wearable devices, such as hats, backpacks, clothes, skirts, shoes, belts, masks, etc. For items, it can be used for wallets, musical instruments, cups, vases, clock ornaments, etc. And it also is used in advertising walls, displays, and holiday decorations.

Please kindly note that the flexible RGB LED matrix display should not be over-curved (no more than 30°) and bent repeatedly, so is prone to damage.

The screen dimension is 269mm x 30mm, among it the matrix dimension is 232mm x 22mm, and Pixel Pitch is 3.2mm.

This flexible RGB LED matrix display supports showing both numbers and alphabets, we recommend to use DFR0598 to show Chinese.

Flexible RGB LED Matrix 7x71


1. The flexible PCB board cannot be over-curved (no more than 30°) and bent repeatedly. Although the product can work curvedly, the resulting consequences will not be responsible.

2. Arduino UNO can drive this matrix display. Once the brightness increased, please guarantee it with an independent 5V power supply, otherwise, it may lead to abnormal color show and exceptional display.


  • Operating Voltage: 5.0V
  • Rated Current: < 500mA (brightest)
  • Resolution: 7 x 71 
  • Module Dimension: 269x30mm / 10.59x1.18inch
  • Pixel Pitch: 3.2mm
  • Supporting Colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, Purple, White
  • Communication: Serial Port


Shipping List

  • Flexible RGB LED Matrix 7x71 x1
  • Lightboard Transfer-line x1




Flexible RGB LED Matrix 7x71

In Stock
  • 3-4$38.00
  • 5-9$37.00
  • 10+$35.00