CE30-C - 3D Solid-State Area Array LiDAR with Large FOV (4m, IP65) (Discontinued)

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This product has been retired from our catalog and is no longer for sale. This page is made available for those looking for specification and documents.

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Note: CE30-C - 3D Solid-State Area Array LiDAR with Large FOV is discontinued now, we recommend HPS-3D160-U Area Array Lidar as a suitable replacement.

Mechanical single-channel LiDAR is pretty common in our life, but two problems cannot be neglected, i.e. short lifespan and high price due to the rotating measurement mode. So DFRobot specially introduces this CE30-C, a 3D solid-state LiDAR with 132° large wide FOV, and 9° vertical FOV. It can simultaneously provide the grey and depth information in the FOV range. With 320*24 pixel resolution and 20Hz refresh rate, this module can be applied in various applications, including intelligent warehouse vehicles, autopilot cars, and industrial automation, smart home, etc.

CE30-C Area Array Laser Rada

CE30-C does not have any rotating components in the interior, which could ensure the reliability of long-time work and a wider vertical angle. Also, it features solid-state design, great service life, high stability and reliability, small size, 3D information, point-cloud data, and easy to integrate. There are integrated multi-machine interference determination and obstacle-avoidance algorithm integrated into the LiDAR to reduce the possibility of crosstalk.

CE30-C Area Array Laser Rada

The integrated metal surface and IP65 enclosure rating of the module make it suitable for harsh environments. It can be used to monitor the surrounding environment via upper host within the detection range of 0.1~4M. Besides, there are SDKs available for supporting Windows, Linux, and Raspberry Pi. The read point-cloud data will be saved in the form of TXT.

CE30-C Area Array Laser Rada

Up to 4m detection distance, 0.1m blind zone, 1cm ranging resolution, and ±5cm accuracy (corresponds to the situation that detects directly whiteboard with the reflectivity of 90%).

CE30-C Area Array Laser Rada

Product Outline

CE30-C Area Array Laser Rada


  • Integrated Metal Surface, IP65 Enclosure Rating
  • Solid State for high stability and reliability
  • Wide FOV for obstacle avoidance
  • 3D information, point-cloud data
  • Small size, easy to integrate


  • Rated Voltage: DC12V±1V(≥2A)
  • Power Consumption: ≤6W 
  • Detecting Range: 0.1-4m
  • Refresh Rate: 20Hz
  • FOV: 132°*9°
  • Pixel Resolution: 320*24
  • Operating Temperature: 0℃-50℃ 
  • Ambient Light Suppression: 60klux
  • Communication: TCP
  • Dimension: 79*47*50mm/3.11*1.85*1.97”


Shipping List

  • CE30-C Area Array Laser Radar x1
  • TCP Data cable x1
  • Power Supply Cable x1