URM14 - Industrial Ultrasonic Distance Sensor with 1mm Accuracy (10~150cm, RS485)

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DFRobot URM14 200KHz ultrasonic distance sensor with 1mm accuracy(10~150cm, RS485) is a high-frequency precision ultrasonic sensor for industrial use. The sensor measurement and signal processing unit is completely encapsulated in an M18 metal shell and its tail is designed with an aviation connector plug. The sensor uses the RS485 interface that follows the standard Modbus-RTU communication protocol, which assures its compatibility with PLC industrial personal computer. Furthermore, the adoption of higher ultrasonic acoustic frequency and more precision signal processing circuit gives this URM14 sensor mm-grade accuracy and up to1.5m reliable measuring range. The only 12° measuring angle makes the sensor able to present the directional measurement characteristic similar to laser ranging sensors.

With the advanced auto noise detection function integrated, the URM14 sensor can detect noise in real-time and adjust its parameter based on the noise level. In addition, it comes with a flexible temperature compensation function that allows users to use the sensor built-in temperature compensation or external temperature compensation according to their needs, which makes it applicable to various complicated application scenarios.

URM14 Industrial Ultrasonic Distance Sensor with 1mm Accuracy Beam Angle

URM14 Beam Angle

URM14 Industrial Ultrasonic Distance Sensor with 1mm Accuracy Board View

Board Overview


  • RS485 communication interface based on standard ModbusRTU protocol, which is convenient for direct connection of industrial equipment;
  • High measurement accuracy and small error range;
  • With temperature compensation function, it is not easy to be disturbed by the measurement environment;
  • The built-in address instructions are rich and easy to modify;
  • Applications

    URM14 Application-Bin Level Measurement

    URM14 Application-Vehicle Detection

    URM14 Application-Panel Thickness Calculation

    URM14 Application-Assembly Line Product Position/Height Calibration


    • Operating Voltage: DC 7-15V
    • Max Instantaneous Current: 350mA
    • Effective Measuring Range: 100-1500mm
    • Distance Resolution: 0.1mm
    • Measuring Accuracy: 1mm
    • Distance Error: ±0.1%
    • Temperature Resolution: 0.1℃
    • Temperature Error: ±1℃
    • Measuring Frequency: 30HZ
    • Operating Temperature: -20℃~+80℃
    • Sensor Acoustic Frequency: 200KHz±4%
    • Directional Angle: 12°±2°(-6dB)
    • Protection Grade: IP65
    • Communication Interface: RS485 ModBus-RTU


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  • URM14 - Industrial Ultrasonic Distance Sensor with 1mm Accuracy (10~150cm, RS485) x1
  • Mounting Nut x2




    URM14 - Industrial Ultrasonic Distance Sensor with 1mm Accuracy (10~150cm, RS485)

    In Stock
    • 3-4$96.00
    • 5-9$94.00
    • 10+$91.00