Gravity: Digital Wireless Switch Kit - Transmit and Receive (433MHz)

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Note: This kit include a Gravity: Digital Wireless Transmit Switch (433MHz) and a Gravity: Digital Wireless Receive Switch (433MHz).

The transmitter module and the receiver module each ship with 1 Gravity: digital sensor cable by default. If you need more, please click here to purchase separately.

433MHz is a certification-free frequency band in most parts of the world, please pay attention to local policies and laws and regulations when using it

When building a project that needs to transmit some simple signals wirelessly, have you been bothered by the any of the following problems: Bluetooth's cumbersome AT command configuration and high cost, Wifi's signal limitations and high power consumption, IR emission angle and inability to penetrate through the walls...

This Gravity: Digital Wireless Swtich might be just what you need! Based on 433Mhz RF communication technology, the module includes a transmitter and receiver and features the advantages of simple operation,strong penetration, and ultra-low standby power consumption. It is able to transmit digital signals and compatible with any controller that can read and write digital signals. These modules are used on a wide variety of applications that require wireless control, such as, remote control, wireless doorbell, wireless signal transmission, upgrading wired buttons to wireless buttons, etc.

Gravity: Digital Wireless Switch

Board overview


  • 15 button states of the transmitter
  • Pairing function for the receiver
  • Support one-transmit and multiple-receive
  • Support one-receive and multiple-transmit
  • Multiple working modes: inching, latching, self-locking, and interlocking
  • Applications

  • Remote control
  • Wireless doorbell
  • Wireless signal transmission
  • Upgrading wired buttons to wireless buttons
  • Specification

  • Working voltage: 3.3~5.0V DC
  • Stable transmission distance: 15M indoor
  • Transmitter emission current: [email protected]
  • Transmitter standby current: <[email protected]
  • Receiver emission current: [email protected]
  • Receiver standby current: [email protected]
  • Input signal: digital
  • Number of interfaces: 4
  • Working frequency: 433Mhz
  • Transmitter size: 47×32mm
  • Receiver size :37×32mm
  • Mounting hole size: inner diameter 3.1mm/outer diameter 6mm
  • Documents

    Shipping List

  • Gravity: Digital Wireless Transmit Switch x1
  • Gravity: Digital Wireless Receive Switch x1
  • Gravity: Digital Sensor Cable x2



    Gravity: Digital Wireless Switch Kit - Transmit and Receive (433MHz)

    In Stock