Fermion: 1.51” OLED Transparent Display with Converter (Breakout)

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This is a 1.51” SSD1309 transparent monochrome OLED display (light blue) with a converter. It offers a resolution of 128×64 (The completely transparent area is 128×56.

There is a small section near the pins that are not transparent but still can display content), full-view, and blue display.

For convenience, the small converter comes with two available connections: GDI and SPI. And there are all kinds of display code samples for meeting the basic requirements of most users.

Fermion: 1.51” OLED Transparent Display with Converter (Breakout)

Connect Diagram


  • Transparent OLED display
  • Full-view display
  • High resolution
  • Blue display
  • Applications

  • Smart home transformation
  • DIY Desktop display
  • Interactive display for booth
  • 3D Display
  • Specification

  • Working Voltage: 3.3V
  • View Angle: Full view
  • Driver Chip: SSD1309
  • Converter Interface: SPI and GDI
  • Adapter Size: 18 x 28mm/0.71 x 1.10inch
  • Display Area: 35.05 x 15.32 (mm)/1.40 x 0.60inch
  • Display Color: blue
  • Pixel Pitch: 0.274 x 0.274mm
  • Screen Size: 42x27mm/1.65 x 1.07inch
  • Working Temperature: -40~70 ℃
  • Projects

    Project 1. Nice Transparent Display clock

    Introduction: This project is to mount the display on plexiglass.

    Project 2. Tiny Transparent OLED Screen

    Project 3. Sci-Fi 3D Printed Mask With Transparent Display

    Project 4. How to Use Transparent OLED display with Arduino

    Project 5. Make a Weather Station Using Environmental Sensor


    However, it only tells temperature in a relatively large range. Sometimes we need environmental parameters in a specific place like a fishpond, greenhouse, an open field, etc. Here I want to know the exact temperatures during a day on my terrace. So I decide to make a weather monitoring station that outputs the real-time data I need.

    Environmental Sensor project

    Project 6. How to Use Transparent OLED display with Arduino


    I made an FM Radio using the RDA5807M module a few years back. This time I've opted to construct yet another radio, but this time, it will be an internet radio using ESP32 instead of an FM one. It can be kept anywhere in the house without needing an antenna. As far as it has good Wi-Fi reception, it should work fine. Also, we can listen to many internet streaming stations, not just the regular stations.


    Shipping List

  • 1.51" OLED Transparent Display x1
  • 1.51" OLED Transparent Display Converter x1
  • 2.54 Black Single-row 7Pin Connector x1
  • FPC0.5-18PIN Reverse Direction Cable x1




    Fermion: 1.51” OLED Transparent Display with Converter (Breakout)

    In Stock
    • 3-4$34.00
    • 5-9$33.00
    • 10+$32.00