Fermion: BLE Sensor Beacon Pack (5PCS)

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What is BLE Beacon?

BLE Beacon, also known as Low Energy Bluetooth Beacon, is a small wireless device that broadcasts signals using BLE technology. Due to its broadcast nature, pairing is not required between the beacon and receiving devices. Each beacon contains a unique identifier, detectable by nearby devices equipped with Bluetooth technology, such as ESP32 and smartphones supporting BLE scanning.

IoT sensor node

Figure: IoT sensor node

This Bluetooth beacon has a built-in 11-bit ADC, Fermion version, and multiple I/Os that can be multiplexed to SDA/SCL while broadcasting over Bluetooth. Users can access sensor data within broadcast range on a Bluetooth-equipped device such as a smartphone or ESP32.

This BLE beacon has a built-in 11-bit ADC and an I2C interface, allowing it to real-time collect and broadcast data from various types of sensors, including analog, digital, and I2C sensors. Users can easily access the sensor data within the broadcast range using Bluetooth-enabled devices such as smartphones or ESP32. (Note: I2C functionality is supported only in the Fermion version.)

Multi-sensor compatibility

This BLE beacon can be combined with 3.3V digital/analog/I2C sensors. By integrating these sensors with the BLE beacon, it becomes effortless to upgrade regular sensors to wireless ones, enabling more flexible data collection and transmission. (Note: I2C functionality is supported only in the Fermion version.)

For example, garden soil moisture detection systems in the past required controllers to be placed near each planter or connected using long cables. Now, all you need to do is install a BLE sensor beacon for each sensor and you can easily get soil moisture information for each pot!

BLE Beacon with I2C sensor

Figure: BLE Beacon with I2C sensor

Low power consumption

This BLE sensor beacon consumes only 650nA of power in sleep mode, allowing it to operate for months or even years with just a single battery. This makes it highly suitable for long-term applications.

For example, in smart homes, the low power consumption of the smart lock eliminates the need for frequent battery replacements, significantly extending the product's lifespan. When a user approaches the door, the lock will automatically connect to their phone and undergo authentication.

BLE Beacon in Smart Home

Customizable broadcast parameters

This BLE beacon offers customizable broadcasting parameters, compatible with iBeacon, Eddystone, and other official broadcasting formats, you could use user-defined broadcasting formats. Through PC software, users can flexibly adjust broadcasting format, interval, dynamic power control for sensors, and trigger broadcasts according to their specific needs. This enables the beacon to provide highly personalized solutions tailored to specific scenarios and requirements.

For example, retailers can leverage this product to broadcast signals to customers as they enter the store. This allows for the delivery of specific product discounts or the provision of navigation services. By fine-tuning the broadcast interval and utilizing dynamic power control for sensors, power consumption can be effectively minimized, extending the system's operational duration, making it an excellent fit for deployment as a sensor node within smart homes.

User friendly

The configuration process doesn't require any programming knowledge or expertise in Bluetooth protocols. Users can simply utilize the intuitive graphical interface for setup, effectively reducing development costs. Once configured, the device will start operating as a Bluetooth beacon according to the provided settings, automatically collecting sensor data and broadcasting it to the outside world. This makes it exceptionally well-suited for use as an IoT sensor node in various settings such as smart farms, offices, factories, and warehouses for data collection purposes.


1.BLE sensor beacons need to be configured using the 3.3V USB-TTL tool.

2.The sensor can only be burned once, so do not click on "Burn/Program" before confirming the configuration information. Please test the module by "Run in RAM" first, and it can be used indefinitely before official burning. BLE sensor beacons will be reset after power failure.

3.I2C configuration information cannot be tested through 'Burn in RAM'. Please strictly follow the instructions in the wiki. Confirm it is correct before proceeding with burning.

4.Before clicking "Burn/Program", please check the wiki guide and the corresponding sensor datasheet carefully. Any product that is not working due to improper operation cannot be returned or exchanged.

Compatible Sensor File:

Considering that the Fermion: Sensor Beacon can only be burned once, the Beacon may not give satisfactory results due to improper parameter settings.

We have made the following sensor adaptations for you. Please visit our Github repo of Fermion: Sensor Beacon to download the configuration file of the following sensors. And please read the ReadMe documentation under the corresponding path before use.

Compatible Sensor List:
  • Fermion: SHT40 Temperature & Humidity Sensor (Breakout)
  • Fermion: SGP40 Air Quality Sensor (Breakout)
  • Fermion: MAX30102 PPG Heart Rate and Oximeter Sensor (Breakout, I2C/UART)
  • Fermion: LIS2DW12 Triple Axis Accelerometer
  • Fermion: ICP-10111 Pressure Sensor (Breakout)
  • Fermion: GR10-30 Gesture Sensor
  • Applications

  • IoT Application
  • Smart farms
  • Smart offices
  • Smart factories
  • Smart warehouses
  • Specification

  • Operation Current: <10mA
  • Input signal: Digital,Analog, I2C
  • Operation voltage: 1.1~3.6V DC
  • Interface: 2*8P Pinhole CR2032 Button Cell Holder
  • Maximum number of simultaneously connected sensors: Digital/ Analog*1+I2C*1
  • Operating Frequency: 2.4GHz ISM
  • Modulation: GFSK
  • Modulation: +5.0dBm
  • PCB Size: 35mm*42mm
  • ADC Precision: 11bit
  • Numbers of pins could used as SDA/SCL: 5
  • Mounting Hole Size: Inner diameter of 2mm/outer diameter of 4mm
  • Documents

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  • 8Pin connector x10



    Fermion: BLE Sensor Beacon Pack (5PCS)

    In Stock
    • 3-4$16.50
    • 5-9$16.20
    • 10+$15.50