XT-S1 ToF Single-Point Ranging LiDAR Sensor (0.3-30m)

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This is a compact single-point laser radar based on the Time-of-Flight (ToF) principle. With a lightweight design of only 9 grams, it is incredibly convenient to install. Thanks to its low power consumption, which is less than 0.5W, it is well-suited for battery-powered or low-power demanding scenarios.

Overview of XT-S1 ToF Single-Point Ranging LiDAR Sensor (0.3-30m)

This laser radar offers compatibility with both indoor and outdoor environments with intense lighting conditions of up to 100klux, enabling reliable operation in various bright settings. With a measurement range of up to 30 meters, it provides stable, precise, and highly sensitive distance measurements.

Size of XT-S1 ToF Single-Point Ranging LiDAR Sensor (0.3-30m)

The application potential of this laser radar is extensive. In the field of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), it can be used for altitude control, ensuring the drone maintains a stable flying height. In robotics, it proves valuable for collision avoidance, helping robots detect and navigate around obstacles. In the realm of smart homes, it can be employed for environmental perception and tracking, enabling intelligent control of home devices based on human position and movement.

Note: Please don't directly look into the laser radar with your eyes while using it!


  • Compact size
  • Lightweight
  • Measurement range of up to 30m indoors and outdoors
  • Applications

  • Altitude control
  • Collision avoidance
  • Smart homes
  • Applications of XT-S1 ToF Single-Point Ranging LiDAR Sensor (0.3-30m)


  • Measurement range: 0.3~30m (90% reflectivity indoors and outdoors)
  • Measurement accuracy: 30~250cm @ ±5cm, 250~3000cm @ ±2%cm
  • Operating voltage: 4.8~5.2V
  • Power consumption: <100mA @ 5V
  • Communication interfaces: UART/I2C/IO
  • Wavelength: 940nm
  • Resolution: 1cm
  • Measurement frequency: Maximum 50Hz
  • Ambient light immunity: 100klux
  • Emitter angle: Half-angle of 2°
  • Receiver angle: Half-angle of 1°
  • Operating temperature: 10°C~60°C
  • Storage temperature: -20°C~70°C
  • Weight: 9g
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  • XT-S1 ToF Single-Point Ranging LiDAR Sensor(0.3-30m) x1
  • 6-pin DuPont cable x1



    XT-S1 ToF Single-Point Ranging LiDAR Sensor (0.3-30m)

    In Stock
    • 3-4$53.00
    • 5-9$52.00
    • 10+$50.00