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Ultrasonic Sensor XL-MaxSonar-WR-Water Proof(MB7060-200)

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The XL-MaxSonar®-WR sensor provides very short to long-range detection and ranging, in a compact, robust PVC housing, designed to meet IP67 water intrusion, and matches standard electrical ¾” PCV pipe fittings. The sensor puts 1/2 watt of peak power into the efficient transformer driving the transducer, yielding high output acoustic power. This acoustic power combined with continuously variable gain, real-time waveform signature analysis, and real-time noise rejection algorithms result in virtually noise-free distance readings for most users.  This holds true even in the presence of many of the various acoustic or electrical noise sources.  The XL-MaxSonar®-WRC1 detects objects from 3-cm to 645-cm (21.2-feet) and provides sonar range information from 20-cm out to 645-cm with 1-cm resolution. Objects from 3-cm to 20-cm range as 20-cm. The interface output formats included are pulse width output, analog voltage output, and serial digital output.

Note: This product has no temperature compensation.


  • MaxModel:MB7060-200
  • 42kHz Ultrasonic sensor
  • Operates from 3-5.5V
  • Supply current: 2.1mA(3.3V)  3.4mA(5V)
  • 10Hz reading rate
  • RS232 Serial Output - 9600bps
  • Analog Output - (Vcc/512)/inch
  • PWM Output - 147uS/inch
  • Designed for outdoor applications
  • Range: 0~765m


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  • Ultrasonic Sensor XL-MaxSonar -WR-Water Proof     x1




Ultrasonic Sensor XL-MaxSonar-WR-Water Proof(MB7060-200)

7 - 14 Days