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Summer Holiday Projects Gallery

DFRobot Jul 09 2018 852

In this post, we prepare interesting and easy-to-follow projects with detailed information for you to experience during the Summer Vacation.


1. 3D Printing, Self-Defined Animation Badge
Do you like badges?
If you like simple T-shirt and hat, then it will be a perfect combination.
Today, we present you a hands-on electronic badge which case is made by 3D printing

2. Make Your Own Desktop Self-Balancing Robot
How to own a robot with which you can have fun and learn in the meantime?
It incorporates two wheels and self-balancing which allow the robot to move around;
Gray-line tracking, ultrasonic obstacle avoidance and 128x64 OLED display;
mpu-6050 module three-axis accelerated velocity plus three-axis gyroscope, measuring center of gravity and angle of inclination;
Bluetooth control; surely, you can add more functions such as voice interaction, micro-camera and VR helmet (Driving with FPV) if interested.

3. Pixel Style, Bluetooth Music Player - DIY Gift For Lover
Do you become elated when your Mr/Mrs Right agree to go on a date with you?
Then a brighter sunny day begins. While a puzzle comes into my mind that what gift should I bring.
Innovated by the movie Pixels by Sony, I believe Pixel will be a great choice which represents pure and authentic.
Hereby let's expand more on pixels - colors, particles, etc.

4. Man V.S. AI (this is clickbait) | Smart Rock-Paper-Scissors Robot

When finishing reading this tutorial, you will find those very simple devices, principles and technologies can help you build very interesting equipment.

5. Desktop Weather Station With WIFI (Under Revision)

6. DIY Deer Clock
Your working table is your own zone.Even a small change can make a big difference. DFrobot would show you how to own your very first minimalism project which can also fit very neat and clean habit.Custom your working table through the instruction following.

7. DIY Launchpad (Under revision)


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