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PROJECTS micro:bit

micro:bit Project 1: The Mysterious Micro: bit

DFRobot Oct 11 2018 1020

After having a basic understanding of the MakeCode platform and the mainboard together with the expansion board. We can start our first project – emojis panel.
We often see some cute emojis on the phone or computer, just like these:
Why do not we design emojis ourselves and show them to our friends whenever we want?
There are 5 * 5 (25) onboard LEDs on the micro: bit. We can control these LEDs to form different patterns to show the emojis. 

Components needed
1× Main control board of micro:bit
1× USB cable

Connect the main control board of micro: bit to the computer with a USB cable.

Open online programming interface of MakeCode.

STEP1: Start a new project. For specific operation, the STEP 3 in chapter 1 can be used as a reference. 

STEP2: Click "Basic" at the top of the instruction area and find the "show leds" module among the modules appealing on the right side of the instruction area.

STEP3: The module "on start" will automatically appears in the interface after you first open the online website of MakeCode, or you can drag the module "on start" on the bottom of the modules from the right side of the "Basic"to the script area. 

STEP4: Drag the "show leds" module to the script area and place it in the "on start" module.

In the script area, you can see the "show leds" module that has been dragged. Click the light blue small square to start your design of the emoji. Firstly, let us draw a cute emoji in the shape of "heart". The simulated effect can be seen in the simulation window on the left.

STEP5: Name it "heart" in the red box below (or you can name it yourself).

STEP6: Click "Download" to save the file on the hard disk of "micro: bit" on the computer to save the program and download it to the mainboard of micro: bit. In this way, the micro: bit board will display a "heart-shaped" emoji. (For details, please refer to the STEP4 in Chapter 1)

Exercises for improvement
Try designing an emoji that switches between two patterns.