micro:bit - an Educational & Creative Tool for Kids (Discontinued)

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Note: micro:bit V1 is discontinued now, we recommend micro:bit V2- an Educational & Creative Tool for Kids as a suitable replacement.

micro:bit is a pocket-sized microcontroller designed for kids and beginners learning how to program, letting them easily bring ideas into DIY digital games, interactive projects and robotics.

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Product NameMicro:bit - an Educational & Creative Tool for Kids
Micro:Mate - A Mini Expansion Board for micro:bit (Gravity Compatible)
micro:bit Expansion Board for Boson (Gravity Compatible)
Operating Voltage
Power supply 
External supply voltage
Digital ports (IO/PWM)17/8
3 3
Analog ports (input/output)
3 3
x x x
I2C2 x x
SPIx x x
Interrupt pin (quantity)xx x
Interface Type
3.5mm headphone port

Dimension63 x 58 mm
68.5×53.3 mm
80×70 mm
Mounting hole 50*55
- -
Weight (g)
64 23 48
Drive the servo

ScenariosMany motors and sensors needed
Suitable for small WorksInitial Stage
Key Features

17 io ports with 2 i2c interfaces

Can drive Quad DC Motor Driver

IO port expands 6 and the pin replaces the edge connector slot

Anti-reverse pad on the back, which protects the control board and prevents micro-reverse

Drive high current equipment, such as steering gear, components connected to 8 12 16

3-Pin fool-proof connector x 6

Edge Connector

micro:bit comes with a variety of on-board modules, including a 5x5 LED matrix (also supports light detection), 2 programmable buttons, motion detector, Compass and Bluetooth® Smart module. Additionally, you may attach more modules such as a servo motor, RGB LED lights through 5 I/O rings or 20 edge connectors.

micro:bit can be programmed with Microsoft Block Editor via graphical editor or JavaScript editor. The Microsoft Block Editor is available on Windows, macOS, IOS and Android, supporting wireless programming via Bluetooth.

micro:bit - an Educational & Creative Tool for Kids Programming

micro:bit - an Educational & Creative Tool for Kids Connection


Note: It comes with board only, USB cable and Power holder need to be purchased separately.

Microbit Tutorials


  • A variety of on-board modules
  • Expandable for additional sensors or actuators
  • Graphical drag and drop code editor
  • Easy and smooth program uploading
  • Bluetooth wireless programming uploading
  • Bluetooth Wireless communication

  • Specification

  • Microprocessor: 32-bit ARM® Cortex™ M0 CPU
  • A 5x5 LED matrix with 25 red LEDs to light up. Each LED is inpidually programmable and can display animated patterns, scrolling text and alphanumeric characters
  • Two programmable buttons. The micro:bit can detect either of its two buttons being pressed and unpressed, and can be programmed to act on that or send the information to another device. Use them as a games controller, or control music on a smartphone.
  • On-board motion detector or 3-AXIS digital accelerometer that can detect movement and tell other devices you’re on the go. It measures on 3 axes, X, Y, Z, and sends back the data in milli-gs. The micro:bit can react to this data and tell other devices it is moving. The device will also detect a small number of standard actions, eg shake, tilt and freefall. Turn the micro:bit into a spirit level. Use it for motion-activated games. Have your micro:bit light up when something is moved.
  • A built-in compass, 3D magnetometer to sense which direction you’re facing and your movement in degrees. This data can be used by the micro:bit in a program or be sent to another device. The magnetometer could also detect the presence of certain metals and magnets.
  • Bluetooth® Smart Technology (previously called Bluetooth Low Energy) to wirelessly communicate with other Bluetooth Smart devices and exchange data and commands. Connect the micro:bit to other micro:bits, devices, phones, tablets, cameras and everyday objects all around. Play games, share creations or join forces to create multi-micro:bit masterpieces. Take a selfie. Pause a DVD or control your playlist.
  • Five Ring Input and Output (I/O) including power (PWR) and ground (GRD). PWR, GRD, I/O x 3. Each I/O ring is programmable to be either analogue or digital. The rings are suitable for crocodile clips or 4mm banana plugs, meaning an external sensor can be connected to measure things like temperature, moisture, proximity to other devices. The micro:bit reads values from the sensor and acts on them or sends them to another device. The micro:bit can also send control commands to the rings – these could be used to control things like a motor or robot. The PWR and GRD rings supply 3 volts and could be used to power a separate device.
  • Edge Connector: 20 pins, 1.27mm pitch and extend 7.62mm from board edge suitable for standard connectors. This allows the micro:bit to be connected to another device, eg Arduino, Galileo, Kano and Raspberry Pi through a standard connector.
  • Micro-USB contoller: This is controlled by a separate processor and presents the micro:bit to a computer as a memory stick. This means the program can be dragged onto the micro:bit in the same way a file is dragged onto a memory stick.
  • 2xAAA battery pack
  • System LED x 1 (yellow)
  • System push button switch x 1
  • Size: 43×52 mm / 1.7*2.04 inches (net).
  • Weight: 8g

  • Projects

    Project 1. Micro:bit Surprise box
    In this project it shows how the box interacts with flahsing hearts.

    Hardware components: 

    Microbit Project 2. How To Make A Micro:bit Heart Rate Monitor
    The following tutorial will show you how to set the micro:bit beating together with your heart using the optical heart rate sensor:
    Hardware components: 

    Microbit Project 3: OBLOQ-IoT Module +Micro:bit IoT Flower Watering

    Hardware components: 

    Microbit Project 4: Microbit Projects: Yes/No Bear

    There are 2 possible answers. Either yes or no. We randomly generate the outcome when a button is pressed. When the answer is yes, the display will show Y & the tilt servo will response. When no, the display will show N and pan servo will response.

    Hardware components: 

    Microbit Project 5: LED writing board (micro:bit compatible)

    The LED writing board is created using a photo frame that is surrounded with LED strip lights. When button A is pressed, the led strip turns white and flash. When button B is pressed, a random color is generated. To off, press button A and B together.
    Hardware components: 

    Microbit Project 6: Drinking Cola equals to Drinking Toilet Cleaner?

    Hardware components: 

    Microbit Project 7: Micro:bit car with DFRobot gamepad

    Hardware components:

    Microbit Project 8: Basketball score counter

    Hardware components:

    Microbit Project 9: micro:bit Laser Target

    The ambient light sensor sensor detects the intensity of the laser pointer. If it is greater than 400, it will sound the buzzer and the servo will make the target fall and up. Game over when it reaches 10. Press A to reset score to 0.

    Hardware components:

    Microbit Project 10: Micro:bit Light(Mood Lamp)

    After programming the micro:bit, you can plug in power to Vin. The Vin will power the micro:bit.

    Hardware components:

    Microbit Project 11: Smart Fan Control System with Micro:bit

    In this article, we will show you how to create a smart fan control system with BBC micro:bit.

    Hardware components:

    Microbit Project 12: Micro:bit Selfie Remote 

    Use the micro:bit as a wireless Bluetooth remote for a smartphone's camera.

    Hardware components:

    Software apps and online services:

    Microbit Project 13: Mother’s Day recycled craft using micro:bit,neopixel and laser cutter

    Hardware components: 

    • Cardboard from carton box
    • Neopixel strip(6 LEDS) x 2
    • Dupont cables
    • micro:bit
    • Laser cutter

    Microbit Project 14: A colorful grapefruit made use of micro:bit

    As a trickster for Halloween, how can we lack an ingenious pumpkin lantern as an equipment?

    Hardware components: 

    Needle, utility knife, chopsticks or small wooden stick, scrap wire or wire, wool

    Micro:bit Project 15. Magnet switch lamp with micro:bit

    Hardware components: 

    Micro:bit Project 16. micro:bit Christmas tree

    Hardware components: 

    Micro:bit Project 17. Christmas Ornament with micro:bit Expansion Board

    Micro:bit Project 18. Halloween pumpkin lamp made by micro:bit

    How can a Halloween without a pumpkin lamp? The pumpkin lamp made of recently popular Microbit is a good choice.

    Micro:bit Project 19: Micro:bit Missile Launcher





    micro:bit - an Educational & Creative Tool for Kids (Discontinued)