micro:bit - an Educational & Creative Tool for Kids (Discontinued)

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This product is discontinued. Please refer to below replacement:

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Note: micro:bit V1 is discontinued now, we recommend micro:bit V2- an Educational & Creative Tool for Kids as a suitable replacement.

What are the differences between micro: bit V1.5 and V2.0?

the differences between currernt micro: bit and latest

What is a micro:bit?

micro:bit is only half the size of a credit card. It is equipped with a 5x5 programmable LED matrix, two programmable buttons, accelerometer, electronic compass, thermometer, Bluetooth, new touch sensitive logo, microphone, speaker and other electronic modules.

differences between micro: bit V1.5 and V2.0

What can the micro:bit be used for?

micro:bit BBC can interact with various electronic components through alligator clips, supporting the reading of sensor data, control of servos and RGB light strips. It is capable of easily handling various programming-related teaching and development scenarios. The micro:bit can be used for writing electronic games, sound and light interactions, robot control, scientific experiments, wearable device development, and more.

Applications of micro: bit

How to get started with programming using micro:bit?

- Microsoft MakeCode

Microsoft’s MakeCode editor is the perfect way to start programming and get creating with the BBC micro:bit.

Microsoft MakeCode to program micro:bit

- DFRobot Mind+

Mind+ is a programming software for teenagers produced by DFRobot. It supports both graphical and code programming and provides support for over a hundred open-source hardware module libraries, while also allowing for the addition of custom libraries.

Mind+ to program micro:bit


DFRobot has developed a series of accessories for micro:bit, designed to cater to advanced educational needs for micro:bit bbc.

1. Educational Kit

- BOSON Starter Kit for micro: bit

DFRobot’s Boson starter kit for micro:bit includes 8 well-selected modules, covering the most popular digital and analog sensors and actuators, supporting sound, light, and motion interaction.

2. Expansion Board

- IO Extender for micro:bit (An AI camera and sensor that brings AI vision within reach.)

This IO expansion board exposes all the IO ports of the micro:bit into accessible IO and IIC ports, facilitating the connection of sensors and various hardware.

- micro:Driver - Driver Expansion Board for micro:bit

This is an extension board designed specifically for micro:bit, featuring 9 GPIO interfaces, 4 motor drivers, and 8 servo interfaces, allowing for programming control of various types of motors, including stepper motors, servo motors, and DC motors.

- micro: Circular RGB LED Expansion Board

With 24 RGB LED beads, this accessory offers a multitude of creative possibilities, serving as a clock, timer, game device, and more.

- micro:Gamepad

A wireless gamepad with vibration motor, buzzer, and LED turns micro:bit into a programmable gaming console.

- Environmental Science Board for micro:bit

It integrates over 14 sensors in one board to easily discover natural science in the digitalized and real world.

3. Robot Categories

- micro:Maqueen Lite

Affordable mini STEM educational robot designed for micro:bit.

4. Artificial Intelligence + Internet of Things

- Gravity: Huskylens

An AI camera and sensor that brings AI vision within reach.

- Gravity: WiFi IoT Module

This module empowers your micro:bit with the ability to connect to the Internet.

- micro: IoT - micro:bit IoT Expansion Board

This cloud-shaped expansion board has the ability to transform your micro:bit into a versatile IoT device.

To learn more micro:bit accessories Unlock Creativity: micro:bit Accessories for Fun Projects.

micro:bit expansion board family


We provide a wealth of micro:bit course materials, including 7 sets and 67 lessons.

- BOSON starter for micro:bit

- Maqueen Plus V2 Getting started Tutorial

- Maqueen Mechanic Getting Started Guide

- Maqueen Plus Advanced Tutorial

- Study Pack of HUSKYLENS for micro:bit

- Huskylens Playground with micro:bit

- IoT Cloud Kit for microbit MakeCode Tutorial

wealth of micro:bit course materials


  • A variety of on-board modules
  • Expandable for additional sensors or actuators
  • Graphical drag and drop code editor
  • Easy and smooth program uploading
  • Bluetooth wireless programming uploading
  • Bluetooth Wireless communication

  • Applications

    micro:bit applications


  • Microprocessor: 32-bit ARM® Cortex™ M0 CPU
  • A 5x5 LED matrix with 25 red LEDs
  • Two programmable buttons.
  • On-board motion detector
  • A built-in compass
  • Bluetooth® Smart Technology
  • Five Ring Input and Output
  • Edge Connector: 20 pins, 1.27mm pitch and extend 7.62mm from board edge suitable for standard connectors.
  • Micro-USB contoller:
  • 2xAAA battery pack
  • System LED x 1 (yellow)
  • System push button switch x 1
  • Size: 43×52 mm / 1.7*2.04 inches (net).
  • Weight: 8g

  • Projects

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    Explore micro:bit Fundamentals: A Complete Learning Roadmap

    Introduction: If you are an innovator or an educator in the fields of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and wish to utilize the micro:bit for teaching subjects like robotics, computer science, and technology, this piece aims to offer you a comprehensive roadmap to master the micro:bit from scratch. Furthermore, it provides a plethora of course directions that seamlessly integrate with the micro:bit platform.