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Unlock Creativity: micro:bit Accessories for Fun Projects

DFRobot Sep 13 2023 1535

In this era of rapid technological advancement, the micro:bit has become the top choice for numerous innovators and educators. The micro:bit is an open-source hardware project initiated by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), aimed at assisting young people in learning programming and electronic fabrication.


Have you ever marveled at the magical prowess of the micro:bit, or desired to delve deeper into its boundless potential? If so, this article is tailored for you. We shall provide an in-depth overview of several categories of micro:bit peripherals, enabling you to effortlessly grasp the key to technological innovation.

Now, let us embark on a captivating journey of exploration into the world of micro:bit accessories!


1. Expansion Board Categories

Expansion boards facilitate seamless integration between the micro:bit and various devices, thereby enhancing the micro:bit's capabilities. These versatile boards, diverse in form and function, unlock boundless possibilities for your creative endeavors. Envision the micro:bit as a formidable superhero, with expansion boards bestowing upon it an array of remarkable powers. Should you seek the ultimate companion for your micro:bit, look no further!

micro:Driver - Driver Expansion Board for micro:bit, This is an extension board designed specifically for micro:bit, featuring 9 GPIO interfaces, 4 motor drivers, and 8 servo interfaces. The motors and servos are controlled by an external I2C driver chip, allowing for programming control of various types of motors, including stepper motors, servo motors, and DC motors.

micro:Driver - Driver Expansion Board for micro:bit

IO Extender for micro:bit, This IO expansion board is an affordable and user-friendly extension board designed for micro:bit. It exposes all the IO ports of the micro:bit and includes a dedicated port specifically designed for the "HuskyLens AI camera." The board provides a stable 5V power supply for the HuskyLens, ensuring its smooth operation in all modes. The clear silkscreen on the back clearly indicates the functionality of all the interfaces, facilitating quick and easy

IO Extender for micro:bit / UNIHIKER

More Expansion Boards: Refer to the Table Below

Expansion Boards

Product Name

micro: IO-BOX Expansion Board with On-board Li-ion Battery Power

micro: Breadboard

Environment Science Expansion Board V2.0 for micro:bit

Xia mi Multi-functional Expansion Board for BBC micro:bit V2

micro:Mate - a Mini & Thin Expansion Board for micro:bit (Gravity Compatible)








Function Description

An exquisite multi-functional expansion board for micro:bit, incorporating a built-in lithium battery power supply feature. It showcases a compact design with a large capacity and high safety.

Specifically designed for STEM beginners, equipped with a 3.23*2.17-inch breadboard, allowing for direct construction of various electronic component circuits. It enables plug-and-play functionality, making circuit building and debugging convenient and efficient.

Provides environment-related sensors for micro:bit, such as temperature, humidity, and air pressure, facilitating the study of environmental monitoring.

Offers a wealth of features and interfaces for BBC micro:bit V2, supporting multiple applications including audio, display, and communication.

A sleek and portable micro:bit expansion board that supports Gravity-compatible interfaces, making it easy to connect various sensors and modules.

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2. Robot Categories

If you aspire to create your own intelligent car or robot using micro:bit, the following components are what you need. They come in various forms, adding both fun and increasing the level of challenge and enjoyment in the learning process.

micro:Maqueen Plus V2 (Ni MH Rechargeable Battery), An advanced STEM education robot specifically designed for micro:bit, making programming learning more engaging and vivid. This compact and agile robot possesses powerful features such as graphical programming, sensor expansion, and robotic arm control, allowing children to explore the mysteries of technology through hands-on operations. It is equipped with environmentally-friendly Ni MH rechargeable batteries, instilling energy-saving and eco-friendly habits in children while they enjoy the fun of technology.

micro:Maqueen Plus V2 (Ni MH Rechargeable Battery) - an Advanced STEM Education Robot for micro:bit

micro:Maqueen Mechanic - Beetle, By combining this intriguing kit with micro:bit and micro:Maqueen, you can transform your robot into 1a captivating mechanical beetle! Equipped with metal servos and mechanical components, it unleashes creativity and enhances the hands-on learning experience. With simple programming, it can assist you in accomplishing numerous technological challenges.

micro:Maqueen Mechanic - Beetle


More "Robotics" Accessories: Refer to the Table Below

Robotics Accessories

Product Name

micro: Maqueen Lite-micro:bit Educational Programming Robot Platform

micro:Maqueen Mechanic - Push

micro:Maqueen Mechanic - Loader

micro:Maqueen Mechanic - Forklift

micro:GamePad - GamePad for micro:bit (V4.0)








Function Description

An educational programming robot specifically designed to integrate micro:bit technology, allowing for the mastery of programming knowledge in a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment. It nurtures innovative thinking and practical skills.

An intelligent propulsion robot component based on micro:bit, assisting in learning programming and mechanical principles while enhancing creativity and hands-on abilities.

A loading robot component based on micro:bit, featuring professional loading capabilities. It enables exploration in the fields of science, technology, and engineering while having fun.

A forklift robot based on micro:bit that simulates the movement of a real forklift through programming control. It provides children with an immersive experience in the fascinating world of modern logistics and warehousing technology.

A V4.0 game controller compatible with micro:bit, offering convenient game control functionality for your micro:bit projects.

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3. Artificial Intelligence Categories

Artificial intelligence accessories empower micro:bit with intelligent capabilities, making your projects more creative and engaging. These accessories enable micro:bit to recognize images, process speech, perform machine learning, and more, transforming it from a simple programming tool into a smart companion with an intelligent mind.

Gravity: Huskylens - An Easy-to-use AI Camera | Vision Sensor, An AI camera and sensor that brings AI vision within reach. It integrates various AI algorithms, allowing you to effortlessly harness magical features such as object recognition and face tracking. It can easily connect to development boards like micro:bit through a serial communication interface. Whether for maker projects or STEM education, HuskyLens brings endless creative enjoyment. For more information, you can click to watch this video.

Gravity: Huskylens - An Easy-to-use AI Camera Vision Sensor


More "Artificial Intelligence" Accessories: Refer to the Table Below

Artificial Intelligence Accessories

Product Name

Gravity: Speech Synthesis Module V2.0 (Support English and Chinese)

Gravity: Offline Language Learning Voice Recognition Sensor for Arduino / Raspberry Pi / Python / ESP32 - I2C & UART





Function Description

A speech synthesis module that supports both Chinese and English languages, suitable for various projects, effortlessly adding voice functionality to your projects. It offers more natural pronunciation, fewer errors in pronunciation of homophones, and comes equipped with a built-in speaker.

A standalone speech recognition module with 121 pre-defined command words and 17 customizable command words. Its dual-microphone design enhances noise immunity, supports I2C and UART communication, and is compatible with various 3.3V/5V controllers. It is suitable for voice interaction applications in smart homes, toys, lighting devices, and robotics projects.

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4. Internet of Things and Scientific Inquiry Categories

Internet of Things and scientific research accessories are mainly used to realize data transmission between micro:bit and other devices. Common communication modules include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LoRa, and more. These communication modules allow micro:bit to connect to the Internet, enabling remote control, data collection, and cloud services functionalities. They transform your micro:bit from a smart standalone device into a truly global communication machine.

Gravity: WiFi IoT Module, This module empowers your micro:bit with the ability to connect to the Internet, opening up a whole new gateway. It's like equipping your micro:bit with a superpower glove, allowing you to control your micro:bit, collect data, or interact with other devices worldwide, regardless of your location, through the Internet.

Gravity: WiFi IoT Module

micro: IoT - micro:bit IoT Expansion Board: This cloud-shaped expansion board has the ability to transform your micro:bit into a versatile IoT device. It integrates various features including Wi-Fi, OLED display, motor driver, and multiple interfaces. Even without complex background knowledge, you can easily build IoT applications through a few simple steps!

micro: IoT - micro:bit IoT Expansion Board

5. Display and Interaction Categories

The accessories in the Display and Interaction category are primarily designed to enhance the user experience of micro:bit. For instance, the LED module can add vibrant colors to your micro:bit and make your creations more dazzling. These modules are capable of generating a variety of colors, adding rich visual effects to your projects. They are user-friendly and can be easily controlled for brightness and color through programming, enabling truly personalized designs.

Gravity: LED Button x 5 Pack: The LED lighting switch button included in this category consists of five colors (red, white, green, blue, and yellow). You can control it through programming, allowing the LED to illuminate when desired, thereby adding more interactivity and enjoyment to your projects.

Gravity: LED Button x 5 Pack

micro: Circular RGB LED Expansion Board: With 24 RGB LED beads, this accessory offers a multitude of creative possibilities, serving as a clock, timer, game device, and more. When paired with the micro:bit board, buzzer, microphone, and sensors, it enables a wide range of interactive functionalities. Moreover, by changing paper cutouts and acrylic decorations, it can add colors and amusement to various festive occasions.

micro: Circular RGB LED Expansion Board


More Display and Interaction Modules: Refer to the Table Below

Display and Interaction Modules

Product Name

Gravity: LED Switch x 5 Pack

Gravity: LED Switch for Arduino / micro:bit (Green)

Gravity: LED Button for Arduino / micro:bit (Green)






Function Description

A complete set of LED illuminated self-locking push buttons is available, featuring five colors (red, white, green, blue, and yellow). In comparison to the Gravity: LED Button x 5 Pack, this product offers a self-locking functionality, meaning that the LED light will not turn off when the button is released.

Individually controllable LED strip buttons with self-locking feature are offered in five selectable colors. These modules are compatible with Arduino and micro:bit, enhancing interactivity and visual effects in your projects.

Single LED button modules are available in five selectable colors, compatible with both Arduino and micro:bit platforms. They provide a user-friendly triggering function and visual effects for your electronic projects.

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6. Power Supply Categories

The power supply module can be considered the "heart" of your innovative micro:bit projects, providing stable electrical support to ensure that your creations can showcase their vitality anytime, anywhere. They act as supercharged energy drinks for your works, supplying your micro:bit with sufficient power to carry out a variety of engaging tasks.

2xAAA Battery Holder(with Cover and Power Switch): This is a 2xAAA battery holder with a cover and power switch, allowing you to connect two AAA batteries in series and independently power your micro:bit. It serves as a portable power station for your micro:bit, providing convenience and mobility.

2xAAA Battery Holder

CR123A Li-ion Battery Holder for micro: Maqueen: This compact lithium battery holder is tailor-made for the Maqueen robot, enabling seamless installation of CR123A 3.6V batteries, allowing Maqueen to enjoy uninterrupted play for over 8 hours! It comes with an integrated charging circuit and a MicroUSB interface, eliminating the hassle of purchasing a separate charger. The safety upgrades, including over-current protection and reverse connection protection, provide you with enhanced peace of mind during use!

CR123A Li-ion Battery Holder for micro: Maqueen

7. Miscellaneous Categories

In the world of micro:bit, innovation knows no boundaries. Apart from the various categories mentioned above, there are some "unique" accessories that stand out in their respective fields, adding diversity to the micro:bit world. These accessories are generally designed to cater to specific requirements and needs.

Track Map: This is a specially designed race track map for micro:bit robots, allowing your robot to travel along specific paths. It's like having a private fitness center for your robot, enabling precise track training and enhancing its navigation capabilities.

Track Map

micro:bit Enclosure for micro:bit V1 & V1.5 &V2: This miniature protective case provides comprehensive protection for your micro:bit, akin to dressing it in protective gear. The case shields the micro:bit from accidental drops and scratches, ensuring its optimal functionality in various environments.

micro:bit Enclosure for micro:bit V1 & V1.5 &V2Gravity: Huskylens - An Easy-to-use AI Camera Vision Sensor


More Miscellaneous Accessories: Refer to the Table Below

Miscellaneous Accessories

Product Name

Alligator Clip Test Cables (10 PCS Pack)

micro:Touch Keyboard - Math & Automatic Touch Keyboard for micro:bit





Function Description

A set of 10 crocodile clip test wires, suitable for various electronic experiments and connectivity needs.

A micro:bit touch keyboard that combines mathematical and automatic touch functions, providing convenient input and control options for your projects.

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In this article, we have intricately unveiled the realm of micro:bit peripherals, encompassing expansion boards, robotics, artificial intelligence, internet of things and scientific inquiry, display and interaction, power supply, as well as other accessories catering to specific requirements. These peripherals serve to optimize the functionality of your micro:bit, endowing your innovative projects with an abundance of possibilities. Whether you are a neophyte or a seasoned creator, the micro:bit and its peripheral companions are poised to infuse your journey of programming and electronic craftsmanship with boundless delight and inspiration. Now, seize your micro:bit and embark upon an exploration of this technologically bountiful world brimming with infinite possibilities!