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K12 STEM Education

Recommend Products & Tutorials/Projects


Product Image

micro: Maqueen (with micro:bit) Version: 4.0

micro: Maqueen is a graphical programming robot for STEM education



Playing of micro: Maqueen


Beginner Kit for Arduino (Best Starter Kit)

Arduino Beginner/Starter Kit for those who are interested in learning about Arduino and electronics. 


WIKI (DFRduino Beginner Kit For Arduino V3 SKU:DFR0100)

Beginner Kit Tutorial

Sample Code

Github Respository


Boson Starter Kit for micro:bit

Boson Kit has been awarded Five Stars in the 2018 Teach Primary Resource Awards.


micro:bit Tutorial

micro:bit online Block editor

micro:bit Educational Foundation

Boson Starter Kit for microbit Tutorial (Spanish)


micro:bit - an Educational & Creative Tool for Kids

micro:bit is a pocket-sized microcontroller designed for kids and beginners learning how to program, letting them easily bring ideas into DIY digital games, interactive projects and robotics.


Introduction&Tutorials List


EcoDuino - An Auto Planting Kit

EcoDuino is evolving.  Now the EcoDuino has a new enclosure. It is protected from water splashes, so it is safe to use beside your plants.


ESP8266 Tutorial: Build An Automatic Plant Watering System


Colleges & University

Recommend Products & Tutorials/Projects


Product Image

Devastator Tank Mobile Robot Platform

This is fully compatible with most popular controllers in the market such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi and so on.


Wiki (Devastator Tank Mobile Platform)

Example Code

Assembly manual V2


Cherokey: A 4WD Arduino Basic Robot Building Kit

It is a perfect wheeled robot platform to build your own robot and to get started with Arduino Robot.



Instruction manual

Example Code


Gravity: Arduino Zero to Hero Kit

Open-source, plug & play electronics toolkit for learning Arduino platform 

Online course created by Sanjin Dedić




Weather Station Kit with Solar Panel

The fast pace of modern life greatens the distance between human and nature, making more kids caged in the concrete jungle. 


Make Your Own Arduino Weather Station


HCR - Mobile Robot Platform (Support Kinect)

The HCR Mobile Robot Kit is a two wheel drive mobile robot platform with three levels (if you want, you can use only the parts you need, or make a two level robot). 


Instruction Manual V2.1

Google code