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2019 Most Popular Projects Top 10

DFRobot Dec 14 2022 399

Thanks for all of our friends and customers, thank you for your support. As the new year has come, we list top 10 DFRobot projects in 2019.

1. Autonomous Indoor Greenhouse - Mature Real Working Project

Project Maker: vinikon 

Introduction: Another indoor greenhouse powered by Nano. 100% controlled environment with some extra perks that make life easier.

2. Tank Laser Tag Sherman & Panther

Project Maker: Arduino “having11” Guy

Introduction:  Create 2 tanks and battle them out, using laser light as the ammo!

3. Arduino Self-Balancing Robot

Project Maker: Debreczeni Tamas

Introduction: Self-balancing robot with two ultrasonic proximity sensors and nRF24 communication + remote.

4. Smart Blind Stick

Project Makers: Team MRIIC: umesh dutta, Texas Instruments University Program, Energia, Ashwani, Aarzoo Kapoor, sahiba kaur, ria mittal, devdutt

Introduction: A low-cost stick designed for blind people that enables them to walk without any assistance.

5. Talking Smart Glass for the Blind

Project Maker: Amal Shajan

Introduction: A pair of talking smart glass, intended to help the visually impaired.

6. Wi-Fi Jammer from an ESP8266 | WiFi Jammer/ Deauther

Project Maker: Akarsh Agarwal

Introduction: Scan for WiFi devices, block selected connections, create dozens of networks and confuse WiFi scanners!

7. ESP32 with E32-433T LoRa Module Tutorial | LoRa Arduino

Project Maker: Akarsh Agarwal

Introduction: We will be interfacing the high powered E32 1 Watt LoRa module from eByte with an ESP32, the same method is used for an Arduino or ESP8266.

8. I Used My Brain Waves to Play Minecraft

Project Maker: Basically HomelessIntroduction: In this video, I play Minecraft with an EEG chip that detects my brain wave values (delta, theta, alpha, beta) and sends controller input to my computer based off of those values. So I'm able to control Minecraft with my mind and be hands free. It's actually kind of insane. 
9. Making | Magic Wand & Lantern using ESP32Introduction: Did you find tree branches trying to trim it to look more like a magic wand when you were a child? Do you still remember that fun of making stuff? Watch this video, pick up your making magic wand back.

10. Personal Lightning DetectorProject Maker: Alex WulffIntroduction: Build your own lightning detector that's smaller, more customizable, and cheaper than a commercial one!