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Discover the Power of LiDAR Technology: A Comprehensive Guide

DFRobot Feb 27 2020 1242

Learn everything you need to know about LiDAR technology with our comprehensive guide.

From getting started with LiDAR to real-world applications and open-source frameworks, we’ve got you covered.

Tutorial Lists:

1. Getting Started with LiDAR

Some basic knowledge about LiDAR

2. LiDAR Types and How They Work

The article explains what LiDAR is, how it works, and different types of LiDARs. It also explains how solid-state LiDARs can be smaller, lighter and more durable than traditional LiDAR systems and are quite popularly applied in robot vacuum cleaners.

3. 7 Real-World Applications of LiDAR Technology

The article explains 7 real-world applications of LiDAR technology such as mapping, autonomous driving, robotics, agriculture, forestry, archaeology and surveying

4. What is the Open Source Framework for LiDAR?

You can learn what OpenSfM is and how it works. OpenSfM is an open-source Structure-from-Motion pipeline for reconstructing camera poses and 3D scenes from multiple images1. It is composed of basic modules for Structure from Motion (feature detection/matching, minimal solvers) with a focus on building a robust and scalable reconstruction pipeline1.

5. How to choose a Mechanical LiDAR?

Mechanical LiDAR (Laser Radar) Selection Guide will help you choose what you need.

6. How to choose a Solid State LiDAR

Solid State LiDAR (Laser Radar) Selection Guide will help you choose the right one.

7. FAQ about LiDAR

Some common questions and answers about LiDAR

8. How to use RPLiDAR

In this tutorial it shows How to build RPLIDAR ROS package and How to install RPLiDAR to your robot

9. ROS tutorial #1: Introduction, Installing ROS, and running the Turtlebot simulator

This video introduces ROS and describes its advantages and disadvantages. It also walks through installing ROS Indigo on Ubuntu 14.04, installing the Turtlebot software, and running the Turtlebot simulation in Gazebo.

10. ROS tutorial #2: Publishers and subscribers

This tutorial introduces ROS Nodes, Publishers, Subscribers, Topics, and Messages, and discusses tools for working with them. It also talks briefly about the ROS Master and how nodes communicate. Finally, it introduces a programming lab, which we walk through in the next video in the series.

11. The RPLiDAR ROS package, support RPLiDAR A2/A1

In this page you can find a Package Summary of RPLiDAR A2 and A1. Besides, you can also check the wiki page of ROS to read more.

12. From unboxing RPLiDAR to running in ROS in 10 minutes flat

In this tutorial you can find how to start RPLiDAR in ROS within 10 minutes.