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LattePanda Team and Global Partners Jointly Launch LattePanda 3 Delta

DFRobot Aug 10 2022 1645

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The LattePanda Team launched the world's thinnest pocket-sized hackable computer - LattePanda 3 Delta with global electronic components distributors. The collaboration will ensure that the product choice for LattePanda 3 Delta is passed on to customers through quick, easy online selection via the website of global electronic components distributors and LattePanda.

“LattePanda Team is so proud to cooperate with the global electronic components distributors for this joint launch. It delivers an exciting message to our customers that they can gain fast, easy access to our high-performance and hackable LattePanda 3 Delta anywhere in the world. Our collaboration will assure even higher levels of customer service,” said Sandy Zhang, CMO of LattePanda Team.

LattePanda 3 Delta is poised to define a new era of computing and drive mega creativity for tech enthusiasts and industry innovations. It gets a significant performance boost by upgrading from the Celeron

N4100 of the LattePanda Delta to the Intel 11th-generation Celeron N5105 processor with up to 2.9GHz burst frequency, maintaining almost the same pinout and layout as the previous version to allow for effortless system migration or upgrading by replacement. Compared to its previou version, the CPU of LattePanda 3 Delta speeds up to 2 x faster while the GPU speeds up to 3 x faster to support usage like playing a 4K HDR video and running heavy games. 

Faster Transfer than Ever

LattePanda 3 Delta uses Wi-Fi 6 whose transfer speed is up to 2.4Gb/s, 2.7 times faster than Wi-Fi 5. It is also equipped with a USB 3.2 gen2 x1 port that has an ultra-high bandwidth, delivering up to 10Gb/s of throughput which is twice faster than USB3.2 gen1 x1 (previously known as USB3.0). Besides, LattePanda 3 Delta has a Gigabit Ethernet port onboard, which can connect to the Internet at extremely high speed.

Faster Memory & Larger Storage for Abundant Creativity

LattePanda 3 Delta uses 2933MHz high-frequency LPDDR4 RAM -up to 8GB, 2x larger than that of the previous generation -for superfast, smooth performance. The storage - up to 64GB - has been doubled for installing more software and data without any external storage.

Windows & Linux Compatible 

LattePanda 3 Delta is compatible with both Windows 10 and Linux OS. It is worth mentioning that Windows 11 can also run on LattePanda 3 Delta.

Watch Dog& Auto Power On makes unattended operation with ease

New Cooling Fan ensures better cooling and sustains the best performance

Up to 42 Expandable Interfaces guarantee true hackability and rich playability

Customized 12.5-inch 4K IPS Touch Display has an ultra-high resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and HDR feature as well as provides two USB Type C and one mini HDMI port.

Key Features And Specifications:

CPU: Intel Celeron N5105 @2.0~2.9GHz, 4 Core and 4M Cache



M.2 M key (support NVMe SSD), M.2 B key (support SATA SSD,4G & 5G Module)

WiFi 6 @2.4Gb/s

Bluetooth 5.2

Co-Processor: Arduino Leonardo

2x USB 3.2 Gen1

USB 3.2 Gen2

USB Type C

USB 2.0 (Pin header)

HDMI 2.0b, Display port 1.4 via USB-C, eDP

Dimension: 125mm x 78mm x 16mm

Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 11, and Linux

Design as the world's thinnest pocket-sized single-board computer, LattePanda 3 Delta is not only the optimum development tool for creative developers, and talented and eager individuals but also suitable for IoT Edge, robotics, smart factory, home automation, handheld devices, and AI localization.

To view the LattePanda 3 Delta's more improved functions, please go to LattePanda – A Windows 10 Computer with integrated Arduino.