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Pre-Order LattePanda Sigma, Get a USB 3.0 Drive for Free

DFRobot Apr 25 2023 4843

Note: The pre-order event has ended.


13th Gen 12-Core i5-1340P, 16GB RAM

Ultra-powerful x86 Windows/Linux Single Board Server

LattePanda Sigma

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1. Pre-Order LattePanda Sigma, Get a USB 3.0 Drive for Free

Due to high demand, LattePanda Sigma's first batch is sold out. Pre-orders are available.

All customers who purchase LattePanda Sigma during pre-order will receive a customized USB 3.0 drive (64 GB) as a gift. 

Orders for LattePanda Sigma placed shipped together in late June.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your support. 

Pre-order LattePanda Sigma, Get a USB 3.0 Flash Drive for free



- Only one USB drive per order.

- If you return the LattePanda Sigma, you must also return the USB drive.

- Distributors are not eligible for this offer.


2. Raspberry Pi Alternatives

If you don't want the LattePanda Sigma, we recommend the LattePanda V1 single board computer as a perfect alternatives for the Raspberry Pi 4B.

Compared to the Raspberry Pi 4B, it has a lower price than the current market price of the Raspberry Pi 4B, can read analog values, has a Arduino co-processor, and supports more systems. Below is a detailed comparison between the LattePanda V1 and the Raspberry Pi 4B.


LattePanda V1- Raspberry Pi Alternatives