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A Good Idea to Express Your Love

DFRobot Jul 11 2016 917

This is a project which I made a long time ago. 


1. An empty perfume bottle x 1
2. Arduino NANO x 1
3. 8 x 8 LED Matrix x 1
4. 9v battery connector x 1
5. 9v battery x 1
6. Magnetron x 1
7. Magnet x 1

So let’s start:
Take the perfume bottle apart along its centreline. Be careful not to deform the shell; now we have accessories for the four parts (there’s no need to use the perfume bottle temporarily,

Connect all the modules according to the chart below;

Open the software and upload the original file to Arduino NANO.

Put the battery and Arduino NANO into the perfume bottle’s upper cover, fix the reed switch on the edge of the upper cover with double-sided tape, mark the position of the reed switch on the shell using marker pen (Such a universal double-sided tape! You’d better fix the accessories with glue after the project is completed for the convenience of long-term use);

Fix the magnet at the perfume bottle’s bottom cover with double-sided tape;

Install the led at the perfume bottle’s bottom cover, (For the convenience of my presentation, I only make do with tape, you’d better use glue in the real making process. Due to low opening of the perfume bottle, it cannot accommodate all the led lights, as the actual display dimension for which is 7X7. Mind the center position during installation);

Merge the upper and lower covers, mind the positions of the markers when merging (you may need a series of physical actions such as banging with hammer, kicking with your feet and pressuring it with your body……Ha-ha! Of course you could sponge off the rest perfume at the bottom, put the sponge into the ball to turn it into fragrance of love, and let the fragrance remain in your hear forever); 

The project is finished. Spin the upper and lower spheres. When the marks are coincident, the LED will start working. 

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