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Product Review - Devastator Tank Mobile Robot Platform

DFRobot Nov 02 2016 770

This product review for Devastator tank mobile robot platform is originally wrote by a user on Amazon

'I don't write too many reviews, but had to step in for this item. I have a couple of other DFRobot products, and found them to be of very high quality and value for the price. The Devastator tank mobile robot platform is definitely no exception, and I can tell is was exceptionally well thought out in the design phases. The body is of (what seems like) anodized and brushed aluminum, so it's very sturdy at its core. The parts came in plastic bags, all clearly labeled, and the instruction manual was very thorough. Whoever designed this had to be a builder themselves. The bushings where the screws pass through the body weren't just empty holes, but were threaded. And all of the nuts included were nylon insert lock nuts, a fantastic touch that only a true builder would think of. The tank is fairly big too, standing about 4 ½ inches off the ground and about 9 inches wide. This might sound small but get a ruler and see this for yourself. The tank treads are of a hard plastic, which I thought I would prefer rubber when ordering, but definitely not. They look very cool and menacing but work well with the small motors. Together they are very quiet and efficient when moving.'

'What you can't see from the stock picture is that the tank is hollow, and electronics go inside with a cover over it (seen in the picture). There are pre-drilled holes and slots everywhere making for easy attachment, and for a controller board there are holes inside that just happened to fit one of the other DF Robot products I already have: The Romeo BLE. It looks like this board was kept in mind for the design of this tank, and even appeared in the instruction manual photos. These two products seem a perfect match since the Romeo is essentially an Arduino plus motor driver shield (plus bluetooth low energy type, hence the BLE). I can't wait to try their bluetooth app with this to control it.'

'While I found the kit to be outstanding I got two minor electronic parts that didn't work: A switch, and a wire connector (I tested both with a multimeter). I'm going to contact the manufacturer to see if I can get replacements, but these definitely didn't affect my overall impression of the kit. It even came with a battery pack and hook up if you wanted to use a LiPo battery, they loaded it very well with features, enough for me to not worry about two minor parts I can easily replace. Overall, this is a very well made tank kit and a huge step up from the toy tank kits I started with when I first began experimenting with robotics. Well done DFRobot...'

About The Product

DFRobot proudly presents Devastator Tank Mobile Platform, our newest track mobile robot platform. It is fully compatible with most popular controllers in the market such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi and so on. 

The Devastator uses high strength aluminum alloy which makes it extremely solid and durable. The high speed motors and premium tracks also allows it to move swiftly everywhere. Whats more, it benefits from a high performance suspension and enjoys an outstanding mobility across even the toughest terrains.

Users are able to add various sensors, servos, turntables and controllers (e.g. Romeo All-in-one, Raspberry Pi Model B+) with multiple mounting holes on the Devastator platform. It is perfect for hobbyists, educational, competitions and research projects.

DFRobot now has 2 Devastator Robotic kits available: one with plastic bodied motors and one with all metal higher torque motors.

-Devastator Tank Mobile Robot Platform

-Devastator Tank Mobile Robot Platform (Metal DC Gear Motor)

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