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OBLOQ-IoT Module +Micro:bit IoT Flower Watering

DFRobot Apr 12 2018 1861
Since Micro:bit is released , it is always widely applied. Now I will integrate it with DFRobot OBLOQ-IOT module to make an IoT flower watering device. Further, the procedures are very easy.
Hardware list:
1. Gravity: UART OBLOQ – IOT Module (Microsoft Azure)

2. Micro:Mate - A Mini Expansion Board for micro:bit (Gravity Compatible)

3. Micro:bit - an Educational & Creative Tool for Kids

4. 9g Metal Gear Micro Servo (1.8Kg)

5. One bottle and part of tube

6. Gravity: Analog Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor- Corrosion Resistant

IoT integrates embedded system technology, mobile technology and webpage technology. Its development is based on user experience, and its feature is directly working or integrating with counterparts in totally different industrial fields of hardware, network, platform and service.
There are several mature IoT platforms home and abroad at present, but most of IoT platforms are oriented to professional R&D staff. Thus, the operation is complicated and it is hard to learn. DFRobot has launched OBLOQ IoT module. With DFRobot's IoT platform, the using threshold of IoT is reduced greatly. A set of IoT application can be quickly built without complicated basic knowledge.
OBLOQ serial port to WIFI IoT module is used to receive and send IoT information. The module has compact size, low price and simple port. Featuring plug and play, the module is applicable to 3.3V~5V control system. Obloq module matches with DFRobot EASY-IoT platform.

1. Enter Internet of Things
2. Register and log in
3. View and record Iot_id and Iot_pwd
4. Add the device record Topic
5. Enter https://makecode.microbit.org/--- Advanced ---Add software package; input the website address https://github.com/DFRobot/pxt-Obloq--- Add OBLOQ software package

6. Connect wires. Connect microbit serial port with Obloq (p2 tx to rx, p1 rx to tx)

VCC can be connected with either 3.3V or 5V.

7. Programming
Connect and start IoT during startup, and upload the soil temperature sensor value to the IoT platform.

Send instructions on the platform, and bit will control the angle of steering engine after receiving the instructions.

8. Testing
Check the platform data, and log in the IoT platform with PC or mobile phone to enter the personal workplace.

Bit will control the movement angle of steering angle and start watering flower after receiving the instruction k.
Bit will control the movement angle of steering angle and start watering flower after receiving the instruction g.