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Environmental Monitoring System Based on OBLOQ-IoT Module

DFRobot Apr 12 2018 1166

This product is mainly applied in electronic laboratory to monitor and control indicators such as temperature, humidity, light and dust, and timely upload them to the cloud data space to achieve remote monitoring and control of dehumidifier, air purifier, exhaust fan and dimmable light, etc. in the laboratory.
Hardware List:
1. DFRduino UNO R3 - Arduino Compatible

2. Gravity: UART OBLOQ – IOT Module (Microsoft Azure)

3. DHT22 Temperature and Humidity Sensor

4. Sharp GP2Y1010AU0F Compact optical Dust Sensor

5. Gravity: i2C BMP280 Barometer Sensor

6. Gravity: Analog Ambient Light Sensor For Arduino

7. LCD12864 Shield for Arduino

8. Quadruple relay module

The advantage of Arduino is convenient on construction, but fly wires and jump wires are as messy as spider web. Thus, I used a small piece of bread board to integrate all sensors and modules to avoid shaking. Then, connect them with main control panel through FPC. This layout looks better!

Then, register the user and equipment on EASY IoT platform:
You should design the sensors needed for the system and quantity of data points to be uploaded before creating corresponding equipment on the platform.

We can start programming after building the structure and networking parameters.

Green light of IoT module means successful networking.

Have you seen the photoresistor? The indoor lighting intensity is controlled by monitoring the ambient light intensity, e.g., setting an illuminance value and automatically controlling the lighting intensity to keep the indoor illuminance always at the specified value. No lighting is connected here. The backlight of LCD is used for demonstration. The brighter ambient light is, the brighter screen is; the darker ambient light is, the darker screen is; so is mobile phone screen.

——The relay module can be connected to dehumidifier, air purifier, exhaust fan and alarm equipment, etc.

—— Sensors integrator; IoT module, temperature and humidity sensor, barometric sensor and dust sensor are integrated, and the FPC is connected to the control panel to enhance the orderliness.

——LCD data serial transmission mode; IO port is limited. This is also the method to save IO port.

LCD display contents

—— After running the data curves for a day, it is meaningless for us to only check a data point. We will be shocked when we record and display relevant data for a period!

The time can be also set by sending relevant characters to remotely control the four-way relay equipment. The screen luminance can be controlled by automatic dimming or remote-control dimming.

Summary: By using OBLOQ-IoT module with EASY IoT platform in trial, I have really felt the convenience and fastness of IoT. We can really finish equipment networking only in ten minutes. Although the platform is still at the development stage, I believe it will become better and better in the future.