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REVIEWS LattePanda

Video Performance on LattePanda Alpha 864

DFRobot May 31 2018 594

Pre-order now available for LattePanda Alpha & Delta. In this post, you will see some demo videos to show the performance of how LattePanda Alpha 864 acts on diverse platforms, from Game plays to Vitrual Machines.

Alpha Edition - Generally refers to the leader in a wolf pack, α / Alpha. It will also be the leader in the LattePanda series, the most powerful in performance. Known as the leader of the Pandas, or "AlphaPanda" for short.

The Alpha Edition uses the same Intel 7th generation Core m3 processor as the latest MacBook. The Core m3 processor is the perfect choice for superior performance and low power consumption.

Paring LattePanda Alpha with an eGPU

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) Gameplay on LatttePanda Alpha 864 with eGPU (GT 1030)

Overwatch Gameplay on LatttePanda Alpha 864 without eGPU

LattePanda Alpha runs Virtual Machine(VMware)