Maqueen: MakeCode extension ptx-maqueen 1.7.0 and Bluetooth can't be co-installed in micro:bit V2

userHead Account cancelled 2021-11-20 15:18:25 1478 Views1 Replies
I've been using the Maqueen extension ptx-maqueen with Bluetooth extension on MakeCode.
But the recent released ptx-maqueen v1.7.0 can't be coinstalled with Bluetooth extension.

- micro:bit V2
- micro:Maqueen V4.1 (SKU:ROB0148-EN)
- Google Chrome on manOS 12 or Windows 10

will it be fixed?
Any work around?
2022-04-26 09:43:44

thanks for your report.  The bug has been fixed.  

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