By tayspen72
Dear DFRobot,

I was very disappointed not being able to find the original source code for the vortex anywhere. The project claims to be open source but indeed is not open. The wiki page does not include original anything, but rather how to hack in to it and write your own code using the existing sensors and motors. This is helpful, but not sufficient to restore to factory after making said alterations.

I am requesting the original source code for the vortex robot, either in .ino for the arduino ide, or if it is too "private", an ihex file to be uploaded through avrdude would suffice.

By Wendy.Hu
Hi Taylor,

I am so sorry for the inconvenience brought to you.
Our vortex is not completely open source and the information is still updating. Please wait for our update.
Hope for your understanding.

Have a good time.