I have a 3D model I want to know if there is a 3D Printer to do something good. Good money.

There is a project in IndieGoGo project is offline as Print / Scan.

Use plastic PLA Filament (transparent or translucent?)

Now, let's get a reservation at around 1395 USD. I do not care for Batch 1 (the first lot left 1 machine). dfrobot
Batch 2 is not a risk, but the price will be 1595 better than the other six thousand wait to see the Batch 1 used before.

Now that is enough to think is to do him a little offline. I put the printer and then print out. สมัครufabet
(Will be charged with violating his copyright? Or should do the model itself)

Another is that. Modeling offline. But I have to color it again. ทางเข้าufabet
View user's profile Send private message Or anyone in the 3D Print circle with offline.
problems that newcomers face. On the one hand we benefit from the fact that 3D printers are bought because the prices are going down, more producers of spare parts and accessories, new models, materials, etc. are being developed, on the other hand we feel sorry for the young guys (and even more adults) who, based on advertising and visual beauty and "usability" of 3D printers, buy them and are lost, as they face much more serious problems like achieving another victory in some game, where all problems have already been solved by the manufacturer. I would recommend that all video bloggers and writers advertising 3D printers start their stories with this: Guys before you buy this printer learn how to design in (for example) AutoCAD, so that you can design a bolt and nut or a gear without the help of assistants, learn how to solder radio components, learn to work with a tester, microscope, programming microcontrollers (Arduino), read specialized forums on 3D printing (like this), only after that decide to buy or not buy our printers. )))