By bealevideo
Thanks for the reply. I was interested in the SEN0395 because it looked like it may have some of the capability described in this paper: ... onitoring/

I am wondering if it is a FMCW module and not just CW like the cheaper boards, does it do ranging? If it does, would it be logical to provide the detected range as an output somehow? My understanding of the product description is that up to four distance "zones" can be configured, but the only output is a simple 1 (present) or 0 (not present). Thank you for your reply.
By 347945801
The product you inquired about, it can't take on the function of distance measurement, as you know, it can set 4 measurement ranges and output true or false to judge whether a person is detected.
By foofoonet
Ok, I read the specs, but can you answer me this:

Can this radar detect either,

Someone entering left, leaving right, and vice versa.


Can this radar detect someone approaching vs someone leaving, going away.

Presently I use two radars (RCWL), and figure which was triggered first to work out direction of travel, it works but is fiddly, long wires etc.
By lisacarter19794
I bought one of these because hey why not. My problem is that I cant find any documentation whatsoever for the thing. I also don't speak Chinese. Anyone used one of these or something similar?