TF02-Pro ToF Single-Point Ranging Solid State LiDAR Sensor (40m, UART / I2C, IP65)

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The TF02-Pro is a TOF single-point solid state LIDAR. The TF02-Pro is based on the TF02 and has been significantly upgraded and optimised to achieve a range of up to 40 m. The more efficient optical system and better circuit design ensure higher range performance. It can be widely used in the fields of UAV height fixing, intelligent transportation, intelligent parking, intelligent agriculture, etc.

High Performance

  • Support for multiple interfaces:  Including UART, I²C to meet the needs of a wider range of scenarios.
  • Anti-interferential: Working under 100K lux light without interference from the temperature, humidity, light and airflow.
  • More accurate: Scanning frequency up to 1000Hz, real-time detection of distance with a 100 Hz/second refresh rate.
  • High Protection: The protection design of the TF 02 is based on the IP65 level, which prevents it from dust and water.

  • Longer and More Accurate Measurement

    The TF02-Pro ToF LiDAR sensor can measure distances up to 40m, with a blind spot as low as 10cm, supports a refresh rate of up to 1000Hz and has an optimised and upgraded algorithm for more accurate ranging.

    TF02-Pro ToF Single-Point Solid State LiDAR Measurement: 40m, blind spot:10cm

    Small Size

    This solid state lidar sensor is only 69mmx41.5mmx26mm, and its weight is only 5g.This mini size allows you to integrate it into small applications.

    TF02-Pro ToF Single-Point LiDAR's small size

    How does TF02-Pro LiDAR work?

    TF02-Pro ToF Single-Point Ranging Solid State LiDARis a newly developed product based on the widespread application experience of TF01. It is a unidirectional laser rangefinder, which is based on ToF (Time of Flight) technology. It is comprised of particular optical and electrical devices that make it stable, high sensitivity, and high precision. 

    Note: the side length of detecting range is not equal to the object resolution at the corresponding distance.


  • High sensitivity, and able to measure as far as 40 meters
  • High-speed measurement with a maximum sampling frequency of 100Hz
  • Excellent anti-ambient light usability (operable under 100kLux ambient light)
  • Protection Grade reaches IP65
  • Anti-corrosive against pesticide
  • Small in size and light
  • Applications

  • Drone altitude holding and terrain following
  • Machine control and safety sensors
  • Distance measuring instrument
  • TF02-Pro Solid State LiDAR Application


  • Detection Range: 0.1-40m
  • Accuracy: ±5cm(0.1~5m),±1%(5~40m)
  • Measuring Speed: 1-1000Hz Adjustable
  • Protection level: IP65
  • Light Resistance: Operate under ambient light of 100 Klux
  • Power: DC 5V~12V
  • Power: <1 W
  • Interface: UART
  • Weight: 50g
  • FoV: 3°
  • Dimensions:69mmx41.5mmx26mm
  • Storage temperature:-30~80℃
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    TF02-Pro ToF Single-Point Ranging Solid State LiDAR Sensor (40m, UART / I2C, IP65)

    Only 5 Left