Car Detection Sensor(MB8450)

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The weather resistant MB8450 Car Detection Sensor has centimeter resolution and a ~4Hz read rate, and provides short to long distance detection and range information from 500mm to 5000mm for the nearest detectable target. The sensors utilize a USB Micro-B connector for simple interfacing.
The MB8450 Car Detection Sensor is a low-cost vehicle detection sensor that uses ultrasonic technology for non-contact sensing. The MB8450 is designed to be an easy to use sensor for applications where vehicle detection is desired. This sensor is great for applications such as vehicle kiosks, ATMs, and bank drive throughs.
The MB8450 is factory calibrated to match sensor beam patterns and provide reliable long-range detection zones.
In addition, the MB8450 offers virtually noise free distance readings through the use of high-output acoustic power combined with continuously variable gain, real-time background automatic calibration, real-time waveform signature analysis, and noise rejection algorithms. This holds true even in the presence of many of the various acoustic or electrical noise sources.
Car Detection Sensor(MB8450) Beam Pattern


  • USB interface
  • ~4 second target acquire time*
  • ~5 second target release time*
  • Multi-sensor operation
  • ~250mS between range readings
  • Maximum range of 500cm (196 inches)
  • Preset proximity detection zone of 150cm
  • Vehicle detection sensor
  • 42kHz Ultrasonic sensor measures distance to objects
  • Virtually no sensor dead zone, objects closer than 50cm typically range as 50cm


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Car Detection Sensor(MB8450)

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