Waterproof Ultrasonic Distance Sensor (27~800cm, ULA)

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This is an ultrasonic distance sensor(ULS) of high performance with an enclosed waterproof probe. The sensor, like many other ultrasonic sensors, based on the principle of ultrasonic echo ranging, determines the distance to a target by measuring time lapses between the sending of a pulse and receiving of the echo without contacting. It can be used to detect transparent or non-ferrous objects, metal or non-metallic objects, liquid, solid, powder materials and so on. The unique physical bell-mouth shell of the sensor greatly improves the directivity and stability of its output ultrasound.

There are two output modes for the sensor: RS232 output and voltage analog output. The default mode of the product is RS232 output, and it can be changed through the button

Note: the internal probe surface is regarded as the detecting starting point by default. If you take the plane of the bell-mouth as starting point, then the distance will be the detected distance minus 40mm.

                                                                                   ULA Beam Directionalities Diagram


                                                                                                Dimension Diagram


  • High Degree of Protection
  • Wide Power Supply Range, Low Power Consumption
  • High Measuring Accuracy and Resolution
  • High-Precision Temperature Output and Temperature Compensation Function
  • Great Output Compatibility: Standard RS232 Output and Voltage Analog Output
  • Specification

    • Supply Voltage: 5V~12V
    • Center Frequency: 40KHZ
    • Operating Current: average current <10mA (based on power supply: 5V; duty cycle: 250ms)
    • Blind Zone: 270mm
    • Detection Distance   RS232 Mode: Blind Zone: 270mm   Maximum Detection Distance: 8000mm
      Analog Mode: Blind Zone: 270mm  Maximum Detection Distance can be got by calculation through  
      through programs(output voltage 3.3V)
    • Resolution: 1mm
    • Operating Temperature: -15℃-60℃
    • Storage Temperature: -25℃-80℃


    Shipping List

  • Water-proof Ultrasonic Sensor (ULA) x1
  • Screw bag x1
  • Connector x1



    Waterproof Ultrasonic Distance Sensor (27~800cm, ULA)

    Only 4 Left
    • 3-4$27.00
    • 5-9$26.50
    • 10+$25.70