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Voltage Monitoring Module For Smart Car

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This newly launched real-time voltage monitoring module is specially designed for battery-powered smart robot cars. It aims to protect the battery by constantly monitoring voltage so as to prevent excessive discharge.

The module detects DC voltage 2.5V to 30V. Without external power supply, it can work directly when connected to the measured power supply. It offers 300ms/once refresh rate and about 0.1V measure error. Apart from that, the voltage monitoring can also play a role in voltage analysis. By observing the real-time voltage, we can judge the relationship between the running state of a smart robot car and the voltage, and then to further understand the working state.

Voltage Monitoring Module For Smart Car

Note: the module itself will consume some power, so please turn off the power switch when stopping using your smart robot car.


  • Detection Range: DC 2.5V-30V
  • Power Supply Range: DC 2.5V-30V(Use the measured voltage as power supply)
  • Maximum Input Voltage: DC 30V(Voltage beyond this may permanently damage the product)
  • Permissible Error: ±1% (when voltage>10V, error is ±0.3V; voltage<10V,±0.10)
  • Input Impedance: >100KΩ
  • Operating Current: <23mA
  • Refresh Rate: about 300ms once
  • Display Mode: 0.36”three digits LED display
  • Display Color: red
  • Lead Length: 20cm
  • Dimension: 23*15*10mm/0.91*0.59*0.39”(L*W*H, the length is 33mm when mounting lugs are included)
  • Mounting Hole: pitch, 28mm; aperture, 2.8mm
  • Operating Temperature: -10℃-65℃

Shipping List

  • Voltage Monitoring Module For Smart Car x1
  • Copper Column/Screw Package x1



    Voltage Monitoring Module For Smart Car

    In Stock
    • 3-4$4.40
    • 5-9$4.20
    • 10+$4.10