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micro:Gamepad - a Wireless Gamepad Based on micro:bit

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Micro:bit gamepad is an expansion gamepad based on micro:bit. You only need to plug in the micro:bit, it will turn into a wireless remote controller a wireless game console. This product packaged with acrylic plate, that giving it a good feel and no longer feels like a bare circuit board. The gamepad has a total of 8 buttons, the left side have up, down, left, right four buttons, the right side has X, Y two buttons, and two buttons A, B are in the front of the gamepad. The gamepad also has programmable built-in vibration motor, buzzer, and LED. Using graphical programming, it will turn into a multimedia vibration controller or multimedia interactive game console instantly. The programming platform supports MakeCode graphical programming and python. It is a very suitable tool for both beginners and masters.

Project 1: Micro:bit car with DFRobot gamepad

What you need?
Arcylic car chassis with 3 wheels (kit)
L9110 Dual Channel Motor Driver Module
micro:bits x 2
micro:bit mate
Double sided tape to stick the battery holder to the acrylic
Glue gun to immobilize the back wheel
Dupont cables


  • Operating Voltage: 3VDC (2 AAA batteries)
  • Number of Buttons: Up, Down, Left, Right, X, Y, A, B Total 8 programmable buttons
  • Onboard Vibration motor × 1
  • Onboard LED × 1
  • Onboard Buzzer × 1
  • Acrylic Floor x 1
  • Acrylic Panel × 1
  • Battery Box with Cover × 1
  • Velcro × 2
  • Copper Cylinder × 4
  • Screw × 8
  • Big Button ×6
  • Small Button× 2
  • Dimension:148x57(mm)/ 5.83*2.24in
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  • micro:bit Wireless Gamepad x1
  • 2x AAA Battery Holder x1
  • 3M HOOk&LOOP x1



    micro:Gamepad - a Wireless Gamepad Based on micro:bit

    In Stock
    • 2-4$19.50
    • 5-9$18.90
    • 10+$17.90