Study Pack of HUSKYLENS for micro:bit

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Note: HUSKYLENS and micro:bit board are not included.

The Study Pack of HuskyLens for micro:bit is a great partner for the AI Vision Smart Sensor - HuskyLens. Based on micro:bit programming, it aims to extend the capabilities of HuskyLens and help students learn knowledge related to AI image recognition in an enjoyable and engaging way.

The extension kit is designed for users to better understand the eight functions of HuskyLens. The kit contains “Face cards”for face recognition project, “Color cards” for color recognition learning, and “Barcode cards” for studying lessons like self-service checkout. Besides, it also comes with cards of other types like animals, plants, QR codes, objects, gestures, etc.

Besides the cards we mentioned above, the kit also includes 7 external modules. For instance, the servo can be used in face unlocking project, RGB LED strip for color recognition, and voice recorder module for sound-related project.


The tutorial consists of 12 chapters with about 2 projects included in one chapter, in which students will explore how the AI Image Recognition technology is applied in everyday life by projects like face unlocking, AI camera, pet feeding, self-service checkout, target tracking, etc.


  • Music Magic Mirror
  • Project 1 Distinguish human faces

    Project 2 Add music

  • Face Recognition Access Control
  • Project 1 Multiple face discrimination

    Project 2 Smart access control

  • Colorful Piano
  • Project 1 Distinguish multiple colors

    Project 2 Define notes

  • Vending Machine for Cats And Dogs
  • Project 1 Distinguish between cats and dogs

    Project 2 Add the function of sending grain

  • Object Tracker
  • Project 1 Object tracking and coordinate value function

    Project 2 Vibration feedback prompt

  • Self-service Cashier
  • Project 1 Commodity price display

    Project 2 Commodity settlement

  • Energy Harvest
  • Project 1 Generate energy value

    Project 2 Energy Synthesis

  • Smart Bus Ticketing Machine
  • Project 1 Pay by card

    Project 2 Voice prompt "Payment successful"

  • Safety Helmet Reminder
  • Project 1 Shows whether or not a helmet is worn

    Project 2 Safety helmet reminder device

  • Encryption and Decryption
  • Project 1 Character encryption

    Project 2 Decrypt

  • HuskyLens AI Camera
  • Project 1 Touch-controlled camera

    Project 2 Voice-activated camera

    Project 3 Time-lapse photography

  • Emergency Lane Watchdog
  • Project 1 Taking pictures of vehicles

    Project 2 Alarm reminder

    Course Structure

    The course structure clearly describes how a lesson is implemented, which can help to build up projects conveniently.

    Tutorial Cases

    Face Recognition Access Control

    Self-service Checkout


  • A variety of tutorial cases, 25 fun projects in 12 lessons
  • 28 teaching cards help you easily learn the AI image recognition function
  • Cards: people, colors, objects, barcodes, labels, QR codes, object tracking
  • Documents

    Shipping List

  • IO Extender for micro:bit ×1
  • Gravity: Vibration Motor Module For Arduino ×1
  • Gravity: Voice Recorder Module ×1
  • Stereo Enclosed Speaker-3W 8Ω ×1
  • 9g 180° Micro Servo (1.6kg) ×1
  • Bistable LED Switch - Blue ×1
  • RGB Full Color LED Strip ×1
  • Micro USB Cable ×1
  • Gravity: Digital Sensor Cable for Arduino ×4
  • Gravity: Analog Sensor Cable for Arduino ×1
  • Face Card ×5
  • Color Card ×7
  • Object Card ×4
  • Barcode Card ×3
  • QR Code Card ×3
  • Object Tracking Card ×3
  • Label Card ×3
  • Plastic Round Snap Ring ×1



    Study Pack of HUSKYLENS for micro:bit

    In Stock
    • 3-4$53.00
    • 5-9$52.00
    • 10+$51.00