Horned Sungem Artificial Intelligence Vision Kit V1.0

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The Horned Sungem, a product embodying the principles of Plug and AI, is an advanced artificial intelligence vision kit designed to empower individuals to effortlessly learn and develop AI applications. This device, free from the constraints of intricate deep learning frameworks or complex libraries, is primed to perceive and comprehend the world around it as soon as it is connected via USB and a brief installation script is executed.

With its distinctive and integrated front-end design, the Horned Sungem is capable of real-time analysis and detection of objects, faces, and more from the images it captures. By packaging complex development processes such as neural network training, the Horned Sungem eradicates the need for extensive AI technology learning, thereby making it a delight to craft creative AI applications like intelligent cameras, smart robots, and the like.

The Horned Sungem incorporates the Intel Movidius MA245X convolutional neural network accelerator, enabling it to deliver high performance while maintaining low power consumption. This product is compatible with various neural network frameworks including Tensorflow, Caffe, Darknet, and more. Furthermore, in its commitment to fostering AI application development among all interested individuals, it supports a wide range of platforms such as MacOS, Linux (Ubuntu, Raspbian), Android, and Windows.


  • Processor: Intel Movidius MA245X Convolutional Neural Network(CNN) accelerator
  • RAM: 512MB
  • USB Type-C USB 3.0 Connector
  • Camera Resolution: 1920x1080 or 640x360
  • Power Consumption: less than 3W
  • Weight: less than 10g
  • Dimensions: 85.5x34x20mm
  • Support OS: Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, TK1, MacOS, Raspbian (Raspberry Pi)


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  • Horned Sungem Artificial Intelligence Vision kit V1.0




Horned Sungem Artificial Intelligence Vision Kit V1.0

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