MODBUS-RTU RS485 Soil NPK Measure Sensor (IP68, 5-30V)

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The Soil Sensor is a state-of-the-art device designed to provide rapid, accurate data on soil nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium levels. This critical information allows for the optimization of soil fertility, creating the ideal environment for plant growth. With a wide voltage power supply range of 5-30V and data output via RS485 using the reliable MODBUS-RTU protocol, the Soil Sensor offers quick response times and stable, reliable output. It is compatible with Arduino UNO R3 and TTL to 485 expansion board, enabling swift setup of a testing environment.

Constructed with a high protection level of IP68, the soil sensor is vacuum-sealed with black flame-retardant epoxy resin. The probe is crafted from 316 stainless steel, offering rust-proof, waterproof, and anti-corrosion properties. It also resists salt-alkali corrosion and long-term electrolysis, making it highly durable even in soils with high salt content. Its compact size allows for long-term burial in various soil types without affecting its performance.

Wiring Diagram of soil sensor and Arduino Uno

Wiring Diagram of soil sensor and Arduino Uno

Probe Material - 316 Stainless Steel

Probe Material - 316 Stainless Steel

The Soil Sensor finds extensive applications in various soil environment detection scenarios. These include agricultural irrigation, greenhouses, flowers and vegetables cultivation, grassland and pastures, rapid soil testing, plant cultivation, scientific experiments, and grain storage. Its versatility and reliability make it an invaluable tool in modern agriculture and soil science research.

Note: Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium sensor data can only be used as a reference and cannot be as accurate as professional instruments.

Nitrogen (N): Nitrogen is a component of organic matter such as proteins, nucleic acids, and amino acids in plants, and plays an important role in plant growth and development. Nitrogen fertilizer can promote the growth of plant leaves, increase the green part of the plant, and improve the efficiency of photosynthesis. Lack of nitrogen will cause yellowing of plant leaves and retarded growth, affecting plant yield and quality.

Phosphorus (P): Phosphorus is a component of important compounds such as DNA, RNA, and ATP in plants, and plays a key role in the energy metabolism, growth, and development of plants. Phosphorus fertilizer can promote plant root development and flower bud differentiation, and increase plant flowering and fruiting. Lack of phosphorus will lead to short root systems and poor flower bud differentiation, affecting plant reproductive growth and yield.

Potassium (K): Potassium is an important ion in plants that regulates osmotic pressure and maintains ion balance. It plays an important role in plants' water balance and nutrient absorption. Potassium fertilizer can promote plant root growth and nutrient transport within the plant, increasing plant stress resistance and yield. Lack of potassium will cause plant leaf margins to scorch, reduce fruit quality, and affect plant growth and yield.

How to install and use the soil sensor

How to install and use the soil sensor


  • 5-30V wide voltage power supply
  • RS485 output, can be used with Arduino
  • High precision, fast response, and stable output
  • Stainless steel probe can be buried in soil or water for a long time
  • Resin vacuum filling and sealing, IP68 protection level
  • Applications

    Applications of RS485 Soil Sensor - Moisture and Temperature Measurement


  • Power supply voltage: DC5-30V
  • Power consumption: 0.15W@12V
  • Output mode: RS485
  • Detection parameters: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K)
  • NPK range: 0-2999mg/kg (mg/L)
  • Resolution: 1mg/kg (mg/L)
  • Accuracy: ≤5% (subject to the actual measuring instrument)
  • Protection level: IP68
  • Probe material: anti-corrosion special electrode
  • Sealing material: black flame-retardant epoxy resin
  • Working temperature: 0°C~+55°C
  • Cable length: 2m
  • Size: 123*45*15mm
  • Projects

    Project: How to Build a DIY Smart Greenhouse (NPK) and Weather Station

    Introduction: The IoT agricultural monitoring system, utilizing Unihiker as the main board and various sensors, collects soil nutrients and environmental data. It also includes a weather station for outdoor monitoring. Data is wirelessly uploaded to a local server for real-time analysis, supporting future AI development. The system aids in detecting, controlling, and researching plant growth.


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    MODBUS-RTU RS485 Soil NPK Measure Sensor (IP68, 5-30V)

    Only 1 Left
    • 3-4$57.00
    • 5-9$56.00
    • 10+$54.00