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The DIY Windows 10 Gaming Tablet - Nintendo Switch Joycons + LattePanda Alpha (Part 1)

DFRobot Mar 19 2020 1256

Project Maker: Project-SBC

In this video I show off my latest project, the windows 10 LattePanda alpha gaming tablet. I had built one previously before that I was not up to my standards so I'm back with my latest attempt. The latest version has a built in speaker, joycon mounts, room for a lipo battery pack, and uses M3 hardware to combine it all together.

This is a three part series. The first shows off some new features and games from the Steam store. The other two parts will consist of the build guide and the joycon pairing to windows guide. 

If you want to print the STL files in advance of the build guide you can find them here:

Link to my LiPo battery pack build guide here:



Joycons as XInput On Windows - The DIY Portable Gaming Tablet Part 3