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Bring Your Pi to Life - Raspberry Pi Accessories Guide and Recommendation

DFRobot Jan 08 2022 624

 Essential Accessories 

The following table lists some essential accessories for Raspberry Pi

Product 5" Touchscreen Type-C Universal Power Adapter (5V 3A) Metal Case MicroSD Memory Card Single Cooling Fan Kit

DSI direct driver,

easy to carry

Suitable for users in the UK, US, Europe, and Australia Provide good protection for the board 16GB Class10 SDHC with Adapter Easy installation, Cost-effective
SKU DFR0550 FIT0891 FIT0776 FIT0394 FIT0816
Original Price $44.90 $10.90 $11.00 $10.90 $5.00
Special Offer $39.90 $9.90 $8.90 $10.50 $3.90

 Expansion Shields 

We've listed expansion shields for different Raspberry Pi boards.

Product IoT Router Carrier Board with Case and PiTray mini IO Expansion Hat IO Expansion Board UPS HAT IO Expansion HAT
Compatible CM4 Raspberry Pi 3/4/400 Raspberry Pi Pico Raspberry Pi Zero Raspberry Pi Zero
Introduction Internet expansion board kit Saves the trouble of frequently checking the pin comparison table  All pins are labeled on board Uninterruptable power supply shield Conveniently use Raspberry Pi to control PWM output or read ADC input.
SKU DFR0767-2 DFR0828 DFR0836  DFR0528 DFR0604
Original Price $68.40 $4.90 $3.50 $14.90 $10.90
Special Offer $58.90 $3.90 $3.20 $11.90 $8.50

 Hot Sale Modules & Tools 

There are some hot sale modules and tools for your Raspberry Pi projects.

Product 16-Bit ADC Module  RGB LCD KeyPad HAT  RTC Module Pan-Tilt HAT PiTray Clip Din Rail Mount
Introduction Make Raspberry Pi measure analog signals With RGB Backlight; I2C interface; Integrated 5 push-buttons With button cell, keep a real-time clock for a long time after the Pi has powered down

Suitable for image monitoring/recognition 

and tracking when installed a camera

Din Rail mounter, suitable for cluster building
SKU DFR0553 DFR0514 DFR0386 FIT0731 FIT0807
Original Price $9.90 $9.90 $5.90 $19.90 $6.50
Special Offer $7.90 $7.90 $4.90 $15.90 $5.50

 More Modules 

 Camera for Raspberry Pi  

We've listed some cameras with different functions.

Product Gravity: Huskylens USB Camera Wide-angle Camera Camera Module

AI Camera,

recognize faces and objects

8000K pixels; Plug and play; With a digital microphone 140-degree viewing angle; Standard UVC communication protocol CSI port; Hot sale and cost-effective
SKU SEN0305 FIT0729 FIT0892 SEN0173
Original Price $54.90 $39.90 $19.90 $24.90
Special Offer $44.90 $29.90 $16.90 $19.90

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