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Smart Xmas Tree with RGB LED Strip is featured on Instructables!

DFRobot Dec 08 2015 843

One of our engineers decorated his Christmas tree with RGB LED Strip for Christmas party, and made it an smart phone controlled tree, and updated his tutorial on instructables. Surprisingly, his very first instructable got featured on the instructables homepage on Christmas. XD. Check out the instructable.

Got stuck figuring out ideas for Christmas decors? Still thinking about putting LEDs strip and EL wires together? Simply puting LEDs and make them blinking is a has-been. With just a mobile device that has Bluetooth4.0 (BLE), you can easily controll every single LED in the lace, program the LEDs individually and react to beautiful rythms anytime. Whatsmore, the kit can be divided conveniently into separate parts, so you can make more use in your Arduino project wherever you want to.


Step 1: Materials

Bluno - An Arduino Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) Board x1
Analog Sound Sensor x1
Audio Analyzer x1
LED Strip 3meters x1
IO Expansion Shield for Arduino V7 x1
DC Barrel Jack Adapter - Female x1
DC Power([email protected])

Or you can get all the things above as a kit.
The controller of this kit? Bluno.

Bluno is an Arduino board which integrates with a TI CC2540 BT 4.0 chip with the Arduino UNO development board. It allows wireless programming via BLE, supports Bluetooth HID, supports AT command to config the BLE, and you can upgrade BLE firmware easily. Bluno is also compatible with all Arduino Uno pins which means any project made with Uno can directly go wireless! It needs Android 4.3+ Devices with BLE or IOS 7.0+ Devices.


Step 2: Connect the components

  • Connect the microphone module with the audio analyzer.
  • Make the Bluno and V7 Shield ready.
  • Connection with the audio analyzer and microphone.
  • Next connect the cables for power supply.
  • You can connect the VCC for Bluno and GND for Bluno.

Step 3: Download the code and control the light!


Play BLUno APP app now available in iTunes App Store : Play BLUno

You can also rewrite the code for your own use, have fun! You can get the code here:RGB_LED_Strip_Kit_for_colorful_scenes_(support_iphone_control)

Here is a light show with LEDs  really amazed me, and I would like to share. So keep being creative, hope you guys can share you amazing project with us soon.