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micro:bit Light(Mood Lamp)

DFRobot Feb 09 2018 1289

This content is created by Mark Ng



I have the privilege of using this new Gravity expansion board for microbit from DFROBOT. It is a very compact board and it sits nicely onto a micro:bit board. It has 6 I/O ports and a selector switch for 3V and 5V. After programming the micro:bit, you can plug in power to Vin. The Vin will power the micro:bit.


Mouted with micro:bit behind.
Comparison between my old breakout board and Gravity’s new Expansion board (on the right)

How it works?
The neopixel is connected to one micro:bit via the breakout board in P0 (Gravity expansion board). The other micro:bit acts as a remote control. The 2 micro:bits are connected via radio. When we press the A button at the remote control, a number 1 is sent to the remote micro:bit. The micro:bit will display rainbow colors.

Remote ControlNeopixel Display
ARainbow colors
A+BTurn off

Hacking the lamp
1. Remove the cable connected to the bulb connector and drill a hole through the bulb connector.

2. Insert the neopixel through the bulb connector hole.


Bottom of lamp

3. Connections:

NeopixelGravity Expansion
5VP0 3V(RED)


4. Program 
micro:bit remote control

Micro:bit Neopixel