By chris.ricketts

I have a Bluno USB BLE-Link dongle which I have updated to the 1.97 firmware (SBL_Blelinkv1.97.bin).

It does not respond with "Enter AT Mode" when I send "+++".


It also didn't respond before I updated the firmware.

I have tried it with 3 different dongles.

Any ideas as to how to fix this?

Thanks in advance,
Hi Crick,
Thanks for your support.
Could you please offer the SKU No. and have you read through the wiki page related?
If not, please read it first.
By chris.ricketts
Also, when using the BlunoBasicDemo Android app to test the BLE-Link TEL0073 dongles - data sent to the dongle does not appear in the Arduino Serial monitor but data sent from the serial monitor does appear in the "Received Data" section of the app.

Does this indicate that the BLE-Link TEL0073 has an issue with writing to the serial port it creates on the PC?
Hi Chirs,
Got it. And we have a post in Chinese witch may help you solve it. But I need time to translate it.
Once it is translated, I will share it with you.
Hi we found that if the IO espansion board is in RUN mode, which means the RX/TX are occupied and the data cannot be sent.
So please try change the mode, and chck the result.
By chris.ricketts

I made a mistake with the SKU. It is: TEL0087 -
I am sorry for wasting your time this far.

Just to clarify:
Sending "+++" does respond with "Enter AT Mode".
I can receive data sent from the TEL0087 to the BlunoBasicDemo Android app.
I do not receive data sent from the Android app to the TEL0087 - i.e. No data received on the serial (COM) port.
It appears that TX is working but RX is not working.