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hi, i would like to ask the guidance on how to make the arduino able to browse internet, where it able to browse any website (such as google) set into arduino code using dfrobot wifi shield v3 rpsma attached on it. i would like anyone to demonstrate completely on how to perform this by showing the steps on wifi shield setup, complete arduino sketch and proper instruction. this is because i can't find any proper information on how to done this procedure. i hope everyone here can help me on this, because i want to complete my project using dfrobot wifi shield v3 rpsma sooner.
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Have you received my reply yesterday that we are sorry that we don't have that example to browse the internet web page yet, have you checked the use manual>1.4.2 remote connectivity application and more command?
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You can use any WiFi shield/module which is compatible with Arduino. You configure the WiFi shield in "USB" mode but for your Arduino sketch to work you will have to slide the pin to "Arduino" side, do that once your TCP server is running successfully. Similarly, the little white pin on the same side as of antenna is used to control the Rx and Tx pins, as you know Uno only has one hardware serial port, so when you want to upload the sketch to the Arduino, slide the white pin to "PROG" and once you are done with uploading, slide it to "RUN". Hope you can understand the connection easily.
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Do you always use wifi shield to build IoT think I'd like to know, have you ever try to use GPRS to access to internet? I am interested in this recently, not sure if you could help? Thx in advance! ;)