Hi All,
Just finished assembling my Devastator Robot platform with the Romeo BLE controller. I am unable to "pair" with it using either my Windows 7 Laptop or my Samsung SCH-I545 cell phone. On both devices I am able to "scan" and see it's "MAC" address but the "password" doesn't allow the "pairing". Using the Arduino IDE and a Micro USB cable, I am able to load the "BASICDemoTest".ino and connect via the serial port monitor. It successfully received "echo" transmissions. I figured the initial password "1234" or "0000" were incorrect or unknown in the wiki doc's. I then "reflashed" the Romeo BLE with the SBL_BlunoV1.8.bin firmware and again connected via the Arduino IDE serial monitor and using "AT" commands, determined that the NEW password was "DFRobot" using the "AT +PASSWORD=?" command and also changed the baud rate to 115200 in the Arduino example PWM motor sketch, my Windows COM port, but still I can't pair with it using my devices nor can I drive the motors via PC keyboard commands nor commands entered in the serial monitor. I have tried using downloaded BT car apps that say they connected to the Romeo BLE and the "LINK" LED is "ON" but not the pairing. The motors are functional via direct battery connect. The MOTOR powerswitch is "ON". The 4 jumpers for the MOTOR enable/direction are ON. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
Which app you used to connect with Bluno?

bluno only supports app developed by DFRobot, i.e. BasicBlunoDemo, GoBle, Bluno etc. , These apps are open source that you could find the source files on Github. If you want to develope your own apps, you could build it based on our open source files.

and for pc, as well as how to connect with phone.

click the link below:
http://www.dfrobot.com/index.php?route= ... log&id=283