I have a fairly simple project in mind to use an Arduino for - I've done a number of different projects with them, and am fine on the coding for this one, but I need some advice on the hardware side.

Basically what I'm wanting to do is create three simple door sensors for our garage, one on the back door (standard swinging door), one on the door between the garage and house (standard swinging door) and one on the garage door (overhead garage door). I haven't settled on the sensor I'll use yet for each. The arduino will monitor the sensors, and light up an LED corresponding to each door if it's open. The LEDs will be inside, so I can tell if my garage is closed up for the night without having to go out and chehttps://19216811.cam/ https://1921681001.id/

The questions I have revolve around distance - these doors are spaced out quite a bit from where I'd want the Arduino - about 25 feet for the longest run (to the overhead door). Can I run a sensor cable that long? Will interference be a problem?

I'm also still trying to decide how I want to get the connectivity inside for the LEDs... I can drill a hole in the wall (shared wall, but ugly solution) or use a little wireless transmitter, but then that involves getting a second arduino, so the cost goes up.

Any advice or opinions are welcome!
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