MindPlus Coding Kit for Arduino

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As parents, you may have heard a lot about the benefits for kids to learn coding.

And preparing a set of suitable tools is also a key point for helping them learn the basics of coding and train programming skills. This MindPlus Coding Kit for Arduino would be an excellent choice for your kids.

It comes with an Arduino Uno R3 mainboard and a sensor expansion board V7, and 18 commonly used sensors and actuators.

These sensors are equipped with easy-to-connect Gravity interfaces, which allow kids to convert their creative ideas into reality in a convenient and fast way. Moreover, the kit supports Mind+ and Arduino IDE programming. For kids with less coding experience, Mind+ is highly recommended since they can drag and snap graphical blocks on it to program(like Scratch) and then see the actual codes to further understand computer language.

What Is Mind+?

Mind+ is a graphical programming software for teenagers integrating with all kinds of mainstream mainboards and open-source hardware. As it supports AI and IoT, you can build a program by dragging and snapping coding blocks, or using advanced programming languages like Python, C, C++. It can help you to easily experience the joy of creation!

Download Mind+ at

01. Offline Programming Editor

Mind+ is a programming tool, which allows you to build a program by dragging and snapping coding blocks. With tons of tutorials, sample projects and a large community, it is one of the best tools for you to learn programing from absolutely zero!

02. Create Interactive Projects with Hardware

Mind+ supports a wide range of hardware including Arduino, micro:bit or even a series of ESP32-based educational microcontrollers, which makes it possible to let the program change your real life. Not only that you can use microcontrollers to interact with PC in real time, but also you can upload the code and let them work as standalone smart devices.

03. Wide Range Add-on Component Support

The build-in component list allows you to one-click add electronic modules to your project. You may choose from sensors, actuators, display or communication modules to make your project fun and powerful.

04. Convert Blocks Into Coding Languages

The build-in interpreter in Mind+ converts blocks into Python or C language, creating a steady but progressive learning path for learning how to code.

Welcome to Mind+ Column, more ways to play!


The course for this kit will first start from lighting up an onboard LED on Arduino to help students step into the world of coding. Then more sensors and actuators will be used to realize complicated functions in later projects. Four aspects are covered in the courses: algorithms & programming, computing system, network & internet, data analysis. Students will practically participate in the projects like Express transportation detection via IoT, Mobile smart client and so on, during which they will get to know basics about coding, internet and data as well as build logic thinking skills.


Field Distribution Chart

Course Structure

The course structure clearly describes how a lesson is implemented, which can help to build up projects conveniently.

Tutorial Case


  • 18 modules with functions involving Bluetooth, WiFi, display, etc.
  • 25 Interesting projects to explore IoT, smart home, etc.
  • The teaching contents are instructed in detail from the perspectives of materials, hardware connections, hardware working principles, and programming, enabling beginners to master how to use Arduino and integrally learn network Internet and data analysis. Then draw inferences about it.
  • Specification

  • Controller: DFRduino UNO R3
  • Power Supply: 6 AA batteries or 6~12 power adaptor
  • Weight: 0.63kg
  • Projects


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    MindPlus Coding Kit for Arduino

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