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PROJECTS micro:bitHalloween

Halloween Pumpkin Lamp Made by micro:bit

DFRobot Oct 26 2018 1228
How can a Halloween without a pumpkin lamp? The pumpkin lamp made of recently popular Microbit is a good choice.

Required components:
Making procedure:
1. Print a pumpkin lamp through 3D (Find a model for printing on line by yourself. Do not ask me. I threw it away after making. Next time, I will keep the address)
Directly print the model. The pumpkin lamp will be made in 42 hours.

2. Lamp making
I want to make the eyes of the pumpkin with RGB light strip. The expansion board has a 3PIN fool-proof interface, so we should make the connector by ourselves. I just took a piece of wire from the expansion board and cut it into two sections with a knife.

The wire nipper was particularly excellent, for it offers good hand feeling and is ergonomic. However, nothing works. When I wanted to use it to strip the wire, there was no Dupont wire at such size.

So I have to use my nail clipper to strip the wire. It looks good.

This is a good job, isn’t it?

Then, weld it with three wires of the light strip. Meanwhile, conduct electrical isolation to the heat shrink tubing.

Note: The light strip direction shall be according to the direction indicated by the arrow.

3. Circuit connection

It’s very easy. As shown in the figure below, insert two pieces of light strip onto the interfaces P 8 and P12.

4. Code writing

I used two pieces of Microbit to switch on and off two eyes of the pumpkin lamp through wireless communication control. The specific codes are as shown below.

Board A is sending board, and board B is the receiving board

Board B codes:

Board A codes:

5. Installation test

Place the board B into the pumpkin lamp

Board A also needs to be decorated.