Lithium Battery Charger V1.0

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If you need to charge LiPo batteries, this simple charger will do just that, and do it fast! The Lithium Battery Charger can charge 3.7V LiPo battery at a rate of 500 mA per hour. It is designed to charge single-cell Li-Ion or Li-Polymer batteries. Check the datasheet below to see if it will work with your battery.

The board incorporates a charging circuit, status LED, connector for your battery (JST-type used in the batteries we carry), and a Type-C USB connector. Two small mounting holes allows this charger to be easily embedded into a project.

V1.0 update content:

1. PCB silk screen printing is upgraded from V0.2 to V1.0

2. Add current pad selection on the back of the PCB and select the appropriate charging current by shorting the pad (100mA, default 500mA, 700mA, 1000mA)

3. The charging interface Micro usb port is updated to Type-c port, which is more convenient to use.

4. Add two output interface terminals, 3.3V and 5V, which can be used to power other devices.

5. Added reverse connection protection pad function, mainly used when the battery is completely discharged, the charging indicator light and the full power indicator light will light up, and normal charging cannot be performed. After the reverse connection protection pad is welded, normal charging can be performed, but the module will lose the reverse connection protection; after the short-circuit protection pad is disconnected, the reverse connection protection function can be restored.

Interfaces of Lithium Battery Charger

Interfaces of Lithium Battery Charger

Figure: Interfaces of Lithium Battery Charger


  • Charging current: 100mA, 500mA (default), 700mA, 1000mA optional
  • DC/constant voltage
  • Battery model: single-cell lithium-ion or polylithium-ion battery
  • Interface:
             Charging from Type-c usb
             JST type or terminal access battery
  • With three status indicators
  • Accuracy: 1.5% (pre-adjusted to 4.2V charging voltage) C/10 charge termination
  • Operating environment temperature: -40℃~85℃
  • Size: 38*32*1.6mm
  • Projects

    Project 1. Light of Earth - A BMI160 gyroscope accelerometer based 3D Printing Lamp
    A light can be turned on by knocking on the table. 
    Material Lists:

    • Gravity: I2C BMI160 6-Axis Inertial Motion Sensor
    • Beetle - The Smallest Arduino
    • 3.7v lithium battery charger
    • 3.7v lithium battery
    • 10 piranha lamp beads
    • A small amount of acrylic pigment (green, yellow, blue and brown; if gray and white pigment is provided, the oil paint does not need to be prepared)
    • Light gray and white oil paint
    • A good-looking 2-foot button (I bought it on Taobao)
    • Lead wire (2 mm) (If no, replace it with soft iron wire)
    • 40 cm PVC hollow rod (I use the one with outer diameter 9 mm and inner diameter 5 mm)
    • A screw and nut with the length of 20mm

    Project 2. How To Make A Smart Clock with ESP32?

    I’ve always been dreaming of making a desktop clock which without complex functions, just smaller and can display time.


    Project 3. A Christmas present for cute kid & girl - A Clever Rabbit Hat - an EMG sensor based
    Things you may need in this project:
    1. Gravity: Analog EMG Sensor by OYMotion   ×1
    2. Beetle - The Smallest Arduino       ×1
    3. Lithium Battery Charger         ×1
    4. 3.7 V Lithium Battery        ×1
    5. 9g 180° Micro Servo   ×2
    6. Rabbit Hat   ×1
    7. Needles and Thread
    8. Two-step Toggle Switch  ×1
    9. Elastic (Width: 1.5cm Length: 40cm) ×1
    10. Stick ×2
    11. Hot Melt Adhesive
    Project 4. Halloween pumpkin lamp made by micro:bit
    How can a Halloween without a pumpkin lamp? The pumpkin lamp made of recently popular Microbit is a good choice.


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    Lithium Battery Charger V1.0

    Out Of Stock
    • 2-4$11.50
    • 5-9$10.80
    • 10+$9.90